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The Best Cooling Blankets to Keep You Comfortable in Bed

Night sweats be gone! Here, four throws that promise to keep you nice and chill.

best cooling blanket amazon Courtesy of Amazon

The very idea of a cooling blanket may seem counterintuitive on its face—don’t we use blankets to keep warm?—but hear us out. While most of us do use covers to keep warm, sometimes things can go too far in that direction. Throwing a cover over yourself can be comforting and help you doze off, but it hardly seems worth it if you wake up perspiring.

Made from lightweight fabrics (sometimes with technical elements) cooling blankets are designed for maximum breathability. They provide just enough coverage to make the user comfortable without being so stuffy as to make them overheated—a difficult balance, no question.

But sleep parameters are such a personal thing. It would be a waste to purchase the wrong blanket only to have it prove detrimental to your slumber. To help you make the best choice, we’ve curated our top four favorite models available on Amazon.

1. Marchpower Cooling Cotton Blanket

Whether it’s a hot summer evening or you just find your bedroom too stuffy, being even a little too warm under the covers can be uncomfortable. This innovative style uses a double-faced construction with one side made from cotton and the other made from technical materials. The combination allows it to rapidly draw heat away from the body with its excellent breathability to keep you from tossing and turning all night long. It has an extra slim profile that makes it compact when folded away in storage and also makes it a great candidate for layering with other covers should you need them.

Marchpower Cooling Cotton Blanket

Courtesy of Amazon

Marchpower Cooling Cotton Blanket: $47.99

2. Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket

Weighted styles of blankets have taken off in recent years for the incredible comfort they offer. The additional heft makes the user feel like they’re being embraced as they catch some Zs. What makes this particular example so great is that it marries the weight with breathable technology so you can get the best of both worlds. Coming in at nearly 20 pounds, it has a substantial feel made with all-natural cotton fabrics to keep airflow maximized. Plus, the material just feels great to the touch.

Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket

Courtesy of Amazon

Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket: $39.99

3. Yescool Cooling Weighted Blanket

It’s all about the details when it comes to Yescool’s cooling blanket. Tipping the scales at 20 pounds, the weighted design features seven layers of luxe lightweight fabric plus a layer of glass beads to keep you cool and comfy. The beads are neatly placed into 5-inch square pockets that have been secured with durable stitching to ensure everything stays in place. Akin to a cool, gentle hug, this weighted blanket claims to reduce tossing and turning to make you fall asleep faster. It’s also suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Yescool Weighted Blanket


Yescool Cooling Weighted Blanket:

4. Babo Cooling Blanket

Measuring a full 60 inches by 80 inches, this model is generous enough to fit every sized bed from twin to king. Like one of the other models on our list, it is also weighted to provide additional comfort as you slumber. However, unlike most of our other top picks, it has dramatically different textures depending on which side is facing up. Place the smooth side down when temperatures are high to keep yourself cool and flip it the textured, dotted side to provide a little extra warmth when things get chilly.

Babo Cooling Blanket

Courtesy of Amazon

Babo Cooling Blanket: $65.97

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