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The Best Copper Measuring Cups for Cooking With Precision

These four high-shine metallic kitchen companions are both stylish and practical.

Creative Co-Op Measuring Cups Courtesy of Amazon

Not many of us mere mortals can wing it with a recipe—adding a fistful of herbs here or a splash of red wine vinegar there—without the dish ending up an epic fail. Most of the time you need to add ingredients at precisely the correct amount to keep things balanced. This is even more important when you’re baking—an incorrect dose of salt or baking powder has the power to flatten your cake.

That’s where measuring cups come in. Officially kicking about since 1896, when Fannie Farmer called for standardized measuring in her book The Boston Cooking School, these simple kitchen companions promise to deliver the exact same amount of ingredients every time. They come in all kinds of different materials, from plastic to stainless steel. You can even get novelty cups if you’re so inclined. But copper is easily the most stylish. This durable metal is incredibly long-lasting which makes the cups a quality investment sure to pay dividends.

Here, four of the best copper measuring cup sets to help you cook with precision.

1. Steelware Central Copper Cooking Cup Set

Steelware Central’s luxe nine-piece measuring set comes with four cups, five spoons, and two rings — all of which can be stacked inside one another to save space. Crafted from premium stainless steel with a metallic rose gold finish, the set is strong enough to withstand a lifetime of daily use. Plus, each cup and spoon has its size clearly engraved, so they are both stylish and easy to read.

Pros: The long handles are great for reaching into those deeper containers.

Cons: You’ll need to hand wash this set.

Steelware Central copper cooking cups

Courtesy of Amazon

Steelware Central Copper Cooking Cup Set: $20.88

2. Creative Co-Op Copper Measuring Cups

Add a touch of personality to your kitchen with Creative Co-Op’s quirky copper measuring set. Made from durable stainless steel, each of the four cups features a high-shine copper finish that demands attention. Not to be outdone, the handle boasts a striking curved shape with engraved measurements and is unlike most other designs on the market. Beyond looks, the cups have a flat base to prevent spillage and the edges are nicely deburred for comfort.

Pros: The unique design will pop on any countertop.

Cons: The curved handle may make storage a challenge.

Creative Co-Op Measuring Cups

Courtesy of Amazon

3. Cook with Color Copper Measuring Set

Cook with Color’s eight-piece nesting measuring set features four cups and four spoons for all your cooking needs. Crafted from copper-colored stainless steel, each piece features perfectly smooth edges and silicone handles (which also come in navy, mint and pale pink). The soft-touch silicone is not only super comfortable and non-slip but it’s also resistant to extreme temperatures. That means if your cup or spoon gets hot, your hand is always protected. The best part? Each piece is engraved with both US and metric measurements, which makes conversions a breeze.

Pros The set is a great value.

Cons: The silicone on the handle may wear out over time.

Cook with Color Copper Measuring Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Cook with Color Copper Measuring Set: $22.99

4. Daynti Copper-Plated Measuring Cups

Boasting a timeless design, Daynti’s copper-plated measuring set is at once elegant and practical. Each of the four cups is made from thick stainless steel which is finished in mirrored copper. That means they’re tough as nails, but also plenty stylish. The solid steel riveted handles won’t bend or break and the flat base will help the cups stay upright. This set is a true investment and will stand the test of time.

Pros: Thanks to a hole in the handle, each cup can be proudly displayed on a kitchen hook.

Cons: The premium set is the most expensive on this list.

Daynti Copper Measuring Cups

Courtesy of Amazon

Daynti Copper-Plated Measuring Cups: $49.98

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