The Best Crêpe Pans to Cook the French Delicacy

Make perfect, paper-thin crêpes every time.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Crepe Pan Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re hungry for a Parisian getaway but just don’t have the time to get to France, cook yourself a crêpe. This feather-light pancake is the quickest way to transport you to the Gallic streets where crêpes are sold by restaurants and vendors all across the country.

To truly do the paper-thin delicacy justice, you’ll need to get yourself a dedicated crêpe pan. These specialized skillets typically have lower walls than traditional frying pans in order to get you the thinnest crêpes possible and are available in an array of different materials.

Since crêpes have been kicking about since the Middle Ages, a cast-iron skillet is the most traditional style, but you can also pick up crêpe pans in aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Of course, it’s the inside of the pan that matters most. You’ll want a pan that is nonstick so that your crêpes won’t fall apart or burn. To ensure you get the crème de la crème of crêpe pans, we’ve selected four of the best on Amazon.

1. Le Creuset Cast Iron Crêpe Pan

We’d be remiss if we didn’t throw a French brand on this list. Le Creuset is renowned for its colorful cookware and has pulled no punches with this bold cherry red crêpe pan. Made of enamel-coated cast iron, the pan has a perfect nonstick surface and can be used with any kind of heat source, from an open fire to an induction stovetop. The cast-iron construction ensures the pan is highly efficient at retaining heat and extremely durable. The ergonomic handle is angled handle in a way that gives you maximum control and you also get a bonus wooden spatula to help you create flawless crêpes.

Pros: The statement red enamel shell.

Cons: You’ll need muscles as the pan is quite a bit heavier than most others on the market.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Crepe Pan

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Le Creuset Cast Iron Crêpe Pan: $159.95

2. Staub Cast Iron Crêpe Pan

Sporting a jet-black enamel finish and a classic wooden handle, this 9-inch skillet is as stylish as it is practical. Thanks to its sleek profile and low slides, creating restaurant-quality crêpes is a cinch. The cast iron construction works to distribute the heat evenly, while the non-stick finish lets the crêpes slip out easily. The pan is suitable for any cooking surface and oven safe to 500°F.

Pros: ​The enamel-coated cast iron is extremely durable and won’t discolor, rust or chip. Also, each pan is one of a kind.

Cons: Since the sides are so low, you can’t really use the pan for much else.

Staub Cast Iron Crepe Pan

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Staub Cast Iron Crêpe Pan: $154.95

3. Swiss Diamond Nonstick Crêpe Pan

Thanks to this pan’s patented nonstick coating, which is reinforced with real diamond crystals, you can cook up top-notch crêpes with only a small amount of oil. On top of that, the cast aluminum construction allows for the uniform spreading of heat and prevents any undesirable burnt spots on your crêpes. The sturdy handle stays cool on the stovetop and the whole pan is safe to be put in the oven up to 500°F, giving you the flexibility to use it how you want.

Pros: The shallow rim dips on one side so you can easily slide the crêpes from the pan.

Cons: It’s not the most stylish looking pan.

Swiss Diamond Nonstick Crepe Pan

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Swiss Diamond Nonstick Crêpe Pan: $276.99

4. Mauviel M’Heritage Crêpe Pan

Favored by Michelin-starred chefs across the globe, Mauviel’s handcrafted copper cookware is both chic and practical. Since copper is an outstanding conductor of heat, this pan will warm-up much faster than others and promises to cook your crêpes quickly and evenly. Complete with sturdy stainless steel handles that stay nice and cool during use, the pan can be used on gas, electric and halogen stovetops, as well as in the oven.

Pros: Considering the level of craftsmanship, the pan’s price is quite reasonable.

Cons: You’ll need to buy Mauviel’s induction stove top interface disc if you want to use the pan on induction stovetops.

Mauviel Crepe Pan

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Mauviel M'Heritage Crêpe Pan: $265.66

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