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The Best Camera Drones for Capturing Stunning Aerial Photos

Four small aircrafts equipped with cameras that make it easier than ever to get the perfect shot.

Potensic Camera Drone Amazon

Those with a passion for photography are spoiled for choice nowadays. No longer confined to simple point-and-shoot cameras or the humble smartphone, photographers now have a myriad of different ways to capture images. In fact, they can even shoot via a drone.

Designed for hobbyists and professionals alike, these nifty flying devices are capable of capturing both photographs and video footage of landscapes, buildings and events, which would have previously required the use of an expensive crane or aircraft. Camera drones are great for filming family gatherings or overseas vacations, but may also be used in the business world to capture real estate videos or other content.

The designs have evolved greatly over the past decade. In addition to high-def images and videos, many of the newer camera drones also include GPS tracking, real-time transition, improved stabilization, greater battery life and longer range.

Here, four of the best drones with cameras available on Amazon that will get you the perfect birds-eye shot.

1. Holy Stone Drone With 4K Camera

Holy Stone has delivered the holy grail of camera drones. It’s fitted with a 4K camera and can shoot in ultra-high definition for footage that will even look good projected on the big screen. The drone is equipped with multi-sensors to keep it nice and stable, along with a 90-degree adjustable lens that allows you to snap from many different angles. The drone can reach up to 3,000 feet and fly for up to 26 minutes after each charge. It also features GPS and will automatically return to you when it’s low on juice. Best of all, it can fold-up neatly after use for easy storage.

Holy Stone Camera Drone


Holy Stone Drone With 4K Camera: $249.99

2. Potensic Drone With 1080P Camera

Perfect for family gatherings or events, Potensic’s camera drone will capture videos and photos without you needing to oversee things. It’s equipped with dual GPS and Follow Me mode to automatically trail you (and your guests) wherever you go. The 1080P camera can clearly capture high-def images and features a wide-angle lens to ensure nothing is missed. The drone takes off with the push of a button and returns home automatically when it’s low on power. This makes it a perfect model for kids or newbies. It also features WiFi so you can review live video as you go.

Potensic Camera Drone


Potensic Drone With 1080P Camera: $165.99

3. JJRC Drone with 1080P Camera

If you plan on shooting at length, JJRC’s drone is your best bet. It has two batteries to give it up to 40 minutes of flight time (the longest on this list). The 1080P camera may not offer the best resolution, especially compared to 4K, but is good enough for most tasks. It also includes anti-shake tech to ensure your recordings are smooth and stable. Thanks to the built-in WiFi module, the drone can transmit live video directly to your phone, making it even easier to share with your family or friends. It also features a one-key start and landing, so it’s super simple to control.

JRC Camera Drone


JJRC Drone with 1080P Camera:

4. DJI Mini 2 with 4K Camera

DJI’s drone may look small, but it doesn’t act it. Weighing just over a half pound and able to fit into the palm of your hand, the compact machine is just as powerful as its much larger peers. It can reach speeds in excess of 35 mph and can fly for 30 minutes at a time, which would be impressive regardless of size. On top of that, it even features a 4K camera that can shoot video at 30 frames per second. It’s the complete package.

DJI Mini 2 with 4K Camera


DJI Mini 2 with 4K Camera: $449.00

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