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The Best Electric Wine Bottle Openers for Removing Corks With Ease

Opening up a wine of your favorite vintage has never been so easy.

The Best Electric Wine Bottle on Amazon Amazon

As any oenophile will tell you, removing the cork from the bottle is an important part of the wine-drinking ritual. But as easy as the task should be, some corks are harder to extract than others, and sometimes that can be really annoying when you just want a glass of Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc. In moments like these, you’ll wish you had an electric bottle opener.

An electric wine bottle opener makes opening up a bottle of your favorite wine a breeze. Simply attach the device to the neck of the bottle, hit a button, and voila—your wine is ready to pour. You don’t have to worry about any of the variables—like corkscrew angle or cork firmness—that otherwise make the activity a bother. Plus, the very best devices make sure the cork is left intact, so you can easily pop it back in when you’re done for the night.

If you go through a lot of bottles of wine, or just think your trusty old corkscrew is in need of an upgrade, then the time is right to invest in an electric wine bottle opener. Here are four of the very best available on Amazon.

1. Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener

The point of an electric bottle opener is to make opening up wine easy, and few are better at this task than Cusinart’s offering. Simply place the stainless-steel device on top of a bottle, hit the “remove” button to extract the cork and tap the eject to release it. That’s really all it takes. The wireless device also includes a foil cutter and can extract up to 50 corks on a single charge.

Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener


Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener: $29.95

2. Chefman Electric Wine Opener

There are better looking electric bottle openers than Chefman’s—just look at the other options on this list—but few are more straightforward. Place it on top of the cork, turn it on and the cork will be removed within seconds. Despite being wireless, the opener doesn’t require batteries, and can extract 30 corks on a single charge. It also comes with an easy-to-use foil cutter.

Chefman Electric Wine Opener


Chefman Electric Wine Opener: $24.99

3. Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

There’s nothing fancy about Hamilton Beach’s electric wine bottle opener, but that doesn’t make it any less noteworthy. Featuring a chic, minimalist design, it’s about as easy to use as they come. Use the included foil cutter to remove any decorative covering, insert the corkscrew, hit the button and your cork is out. It’s also ergonomically designed, which means your hand won’t cramp up even if you decide to see if it can really open up 30 bottles on a single charge. (Spoiler alert: it can.)

Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener


Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Bottle…: $24.99

4. Witanhurst Electric Wine Bottle Opener

If Jay Gatsby was alive and kicking today, this might be the electric bottle opener he would use. Designed by Witanhurst, it features an attractive Art Deco-inspired design. The nifty tool removes any type of cork from the bottle with the push of a button and then automatically spits it out so you can discard it. The top of the bottle opener is actually a hidden magnetic foil cutter which means you easily slice through any protective wrapping around the neck. What’s more, the device is fitted with a high-density lithium polymer rechargeable battery and opens up to 60 bottles per charge. This makes it the perfect companion for all your glitzy soirées, old sport.

Witanhurst Electric Wine Opener



Witanhurst Electric Wine Bottle Opener: $49.95

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