The Best Electric Food Slicers to Cut Your Meat, Cheese and Veggies With Precision

Who needs the deli?

Zica Food Slicer Amazon

We’re all more than capable of wielding a kitchen knife, but few of us can cut ingredients paper-thin and with absolute precision. That’s where electric food slicers come in. These high-powered brutes are capable of churning out cold cuts and sliced cheese quickly and easily. This means you can forgo the deli and slice your meat, bread, fruit, cheese and veggies from the comfort of your own home.

The appliance itself is relatively straightforward to use. You simply attach the food to the sliding tray, turn the slicer on, and push the tray towards the rotating razor blade. What’s difficult is picking the best model. There are a ton on the market and, unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. The best slicers feature powerful motors, sharp cutting blades and adjustable controls that allow you to determine the thickness of each slice. We’ve scoured Amazon for four such examples that will deliver deli-quality cuts in no time.

1. BESWOOD 10-Inch Electric Food Slicer

If you plan to slice meats and cheese in high quantities, you can’t go past Beswood’s commercial-grade food slicer. It’s fitted with a gutsy 240-watt motor that can deliver 282 blade revolutions per minute and power through even the toughest ingredients. The machine features an aluminum body and a 10-inch carbon steel blade, which has been chrome-plated and heat-treated for added strength and longevity. Thanks to this solid construction, you will seldom have to sharpen the blade. The machine can slice from paper-thin up to half an inch and has a premium V-belt that minimizes noise and vibration while slicing.

BESWOOD 10-Inch Electric Food Slicer


BESWOOD 10-Inch Electric Food Slicer: $318.00

2. Zica 10-Inch Electric Food Slicer

Much like Beswood’s model, Zica’s food slicer will be at home in either a commercial or home kitchen. Powered by a 150-watt motor, it features a 10-inch chrome-plated carbon steel blade that will make literal mincemeat of anything you throw at it. While it’s sure to stay plenty sharp, the machine features a built-in whetstone that makes sharpening the blade a breeze. The thickness of the slicer can be adjusted from 0 to 0.47 inches, depending on the kind of cut you desire. The slicer also features a sturdy base and suction cup feet to ensure it stays stable while in use. A professional-grade slicer like this one will take up a lot of real estate, but it will also save you time and energy when slicing in high volumes.

Zica 10-Inch Electric Food Slicer


Zica 10-Inch Electric Food Slicer: $298.00

3. Chef’sChoice 7-Inch Electric Food Slicer

Chef’sChoice svelte food slicer is the smallest on this list and will occupy only a smidgen of counter space. But its diminutive size doesn’t make it any less mighty. Crafted from cast aluminum and stainless steel, it features a 7-inch blade that can slice a wide variety of foods, from deli-thin to approximately 1-inch thick. Powered by a cool running, high torque 120-watt motor, the machine features a large tilted food carriage. This makes it perfect for slicing extra-large roasts, hams and other sizable ingredients. It also has an easy-to-grip non-slip pusher that is designed to prevent any accidents.

Chef'sChoice 7-Inch Electric Food Slicer


Chef'sChoice 7-Inch Electric Food Slicer: $148.99

4. Nesco 8.7-Inch Electric Food Slicer

A major gripe people have with food slicers is that they can be difficult to clean. That’s not the case with Nesco’s clever design. It features a removable food carriage and detachable blade, which means you can get into all those hard-to-reach places and remove any rogue meat or cheese. Packing a high-quality 180-watt gear motor, the machine can power through all manner of ingredient. It’s fitted with an 8.7-inch hardened stainless steel blade that has a serrated edge for extra bite. Thanks to the thickness control knob, you can churn out a range of slices up to 9/16-inches. The machine also features non-slip feet that are nice and stable on most surfaces.

Nesco 8.7-Inch Electric Food Slicer


Nesco 8.7-Inch Electric Food Slicer: $85.99

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