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The Best Fish Scalers to Clean Your Catch

When cooking a whole fish, you’ll need one of these scalers on hand to safely enjoy your dish.

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As fish has become a key component of a healthy diet, home chefs have become more adventurous in their preparations of the protein. One slightly advanced way of making a fish-centric meal is by cooking it whole, without filleting or de-boning it—and to safely enjoy such a dish, you’ll need a fish scaler.

Resembling a peeler (or, in some cases, a metal hairbrush), this simple tool will easily strip away the non-edible scales. Scalers typically have a jagged stripping blade that lifts the scales and then cuts it away from the skin, while on the other side, a curved buffer ensures the scales don’t fly around as you move the tool down the length of the fish. Quick to clean, scalers are also much easier to use than trying to de-scale a fish using a knife.

From stainless steel models to one with unique circular heads, here are four of the best fish scalers available on Amazon.

1. GiniHome Fish Scaler

You’ll be savoring freshly cooked fish in no time thanks to this handy tool from GiniHome. Made of stainless steel, the scaler has wide teeth around all three edges, allowing you to cover a large section of the fish with each motion. The wide, ergonomic handle both feels solid in your hand and has no-slip nibs, so you can confidently work on removing all the scales.

GiniHome fish scaler

Courtesy Amazon

GiniHome Fish Scaler:

2. Comfecto Fish Scaler

This Japanese scraper’s secret is in the sawtooths—the 30 individual serrated sawtooth ridges that line the head. With this design, the tool is able to evenly pull out scales without tearing the fish skin, while the shape of the head helps it maneuver around tricky areas like the fins. The ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable grip, so there’s no strain on the wrist as you flake away.

Comfecto fish scaler

Courtesy Amazon

Comfecto Fish Scaler: $9.99

3. Amison Fish Scale Scraper

Even novice chefs will find de-scaling a snap with this easy-to-use tool. Two sizes of sawtooth edges work to pull the scales away quickly and with less effort, and help the tool move easily around the different contours of the fish. Featuring a solid grip, the stainless steel scaler can safely be put in the dishwasher—though the unique design, with three holes on the head, make it a snap to clean under the tap.

Amison fish scaler

Courtesy Amazon

Amison Fish Scale Scraper:

4. Big Norm-Feets Magic Fish Scaler

A departure from the stainless steel and rectangular head models, this scaler from Big Norm-Feets features a round head lines with “free-floating” knobs. As you move the tool over the fish, the head rotates and the metal knobs lift and separate the scales, while keeping mess to a minimum. The scaler also works well under water, so you can clean your catch in the sink.

Big Norm-Feets Magic Fish Scaler: $10.34

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