The Best Pool Lights for Adding Color and Style to Your Backyard

Four sets of aquatic lights that will spruce up any pool.

Pop Store Floating Pool Lights Amazon

If you’ve got a backyard that’s big enough for one, few things will add to your home like a pool. But a pool by itself isn’t always enough, especially if it’s surrounded by substandard lighting. You’ll need to spruce up the space—and few options are as effective as a good set of floating pool lights.

Few products are more descriptively named than floating pool lights. That’s because that’s exactly what they are: LED lights that float in a pool. Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that, and when it comes to picking out a set, you’ll want to consider aspects like size, shape and design. And if you’re looking to light up your pool guiltlessly, you might also want to search out a set that has its own solar panels.

If you’re looking to add some flair to your pool area, or need to upgrade an old set, then the time is right to invest in a set of floating pool lights. Here are four of the best currently available on Amazon.

1. Pop Store Floating Pool Lights

Floating pool lights may sound a tad corny, but they really can add some style to your backyard. No set is better at this than Pop Store’s pack of six 12-inch globes. Each light has four color settings—blue, green, red and white—and works in water or on land. Best of all, these lights are solar-powered, so they’ll soak up the sun during the day so that you’ll have lighting all night long.

Pop Store Floating Pool Lights


Pop Store Floating Pool Lights

2. Geediar Floating Pool Lights

As far as pool lights go, Geediar’s are far from the best looking, especially since they resemble neon-colored lifesavers when viewed from a distance. But they make up for this in their range of color options. Each light has 16 color settings to choose from, a spectrum unmatched by any of the other entries on this list. One thing to note: While they can be used on land, you’ll probably want to keep them in the pool.

Geediar Floating Pool Lights


Geediar Floating Pool Lights: $29.99

3. Spin Master Pool Light

Why buy a set of lights when one can do all the lighting for you? Spin Master’s light is unique in that it functions as something of an underwater disco ball. Turn it on, plop it in your pool and it will project a spinning array of colorful fish silhouettes on the sides of your pool. It’s definitely different, but hey, that just might work for you. One slight quibble, though, is that the light requires four AA batteries to work, so prepare to go through a couple of packs in the summer.

Spin Master Pool Light


Spin Master Pool Light: $37.50

4. Esuper Solar Light-Up Globes

If you want to add some lighting to your pool for a barbecue or party, there’s few better places to start than Esuper’s set. Each of the four light-up globes—as the brand calls them—measures 14 inches around and projects four different colors. If you can’t decide on a color though, fret not, because you can cycle through the colors and different time intervals. Just remember that you might have to buy multiple sets depending on how big your pool is.

Esuper Solar Light-Up Globes


Esuper Solar Light-Up Globes: $67.99

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