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The Best Garlic Roaster to Create Perfectly Cooked Bulbs

Take the humble allium to sweet new heights with this convenient piece of cookware.

Fox Run Garlic Roaster Courtesy of Amazon

Garlic is truly one of the most wonderful things to eat. Not only is it packed with antioxidants that help protect against cell damage and aging, but it also has a pungent and distinct flavor that is essential for a wide array of savory dishes. While it’s typically crushed, minced or sliced, roasting your garlic takes its flavor to a whole new level.

Baking garlic at a high temperature allows its natural sugars to caramelize and creates a sweeter and richer flavor profile. Roasted garlic has far less bite than raw garlic. Plus, its applications are endless—you can eat the caramelized cloves on their own, mash them up and spread them over crusty bread, add them to dips or use them in pasta dishes.

To ensure you cook each bulb properly, it’s best to use a dedicated garlic roaster. These nifty contraptions generally hold three to four bulbs at a time and are designed to brown the garlic evenly.

Ready to get roasting? We’ve rounded up four of the best garlic roasters on Amazon to add to your kitchen arsenal.

1. Fox Run Terra Cotta Garlic Baker

Crafted from tried-and-true terra cotta, this 7-inch garlic roaster is great for baking, serving and even storing your bulbs. Thanks to the porous, unglazed lid, the garlic will caramelize nicely without ever drying out. You can fit four or five bulbs in the roaster and it’s compatible with both convection and microwave ovens. The garlic-shaped handle will allow you to easily open the roaster and adds a touch of personality.

Fox Run Terra Cotta Garlic Baker

Courtesy of Amazon

Fox Run Terra Cotta Garlic Baker: $20.88

2. Eurita by Reston Lloyd Garlic Roaster

While delicious, caramelized garlic can make a real mess of your cookware. Fortunately, Reston Lloyd’s garlic roaster can help alleviate that issue. The terra cotta dish is coated in a white glaze that makes it easy to wipe clean. Plus, its neutral color offers a different aesthetic if you’re not a fan of terra cotta. Measuring 4.6 inches wide by 2.9 inches high, the roaster is oven and microwave safe up to 500 degrees. The lid also includes a steam vent to ensure you cook your bulbs don’t emerge soggy.

Reston Lloyd Garlic Roaster


Eurita by Reston Lloyd Garlic Roaster: $17.95

3. Sassafras SuperStone Garlic Roaster

Designed for true garlic fiends, this garlic roaster can fit up to six heads of garlic and is by far the largest model on this list. Measuring 7.5 inches, the roaster is made from Sassafras’s signature “Superstone.” This unglazed natural stone along with the roaster’s shape allows air to circulate around the bulbs for uniform roasting, while also regulating the moisture. On top of that, the neutral stone is sure to suit any style of kitchen.

Sassafras SuperStone Garlic Roaster

Courtesy of Amazon

Sassafras SuperStone Garlic Roaster:

4. Norpro Garlic Baker

There are few things better than cookware that is versatile by design. Take Nopro’s multipurpose garlic baker, for instance, which can pull double duty as a tortilla warmer when required. This means you can carry out more kitchen tasks but save space in the kitchen. The stylish terra cotta features a glazed base for shorter baking times and easy cleaning. It’s also fitted with a garlic-shaped handle in a fun nod to its intended purpose.

Nopro Garlic Roaster


Norpro Garlic Baker: $29.95

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