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The Best Giant Outdoor Jenga Sets to Play at Your Next Picnic

Put your engineering skills to the test with these oversized versions of the beloved game.

Jenga Giant Outdoor Amazon

Jenga has been testing our coordination skills since the early ‘80s. Taking its name from the Swahili word kujenga, which means “to build,” the beloved tabletop game puts each player’s architectural know-how to the test as they work to carefully take apart a very precarious tower—and then put it back together again.

Some believe that the bigger tower, the bigger the fun. That’s why any good gamemaster should invest in a giant outdoor Jenga set. As its moniker implies, this oversized version is designed to be played in open-air environments, such as backyards, parks, or, if you’re really up for a challenge, beaches. All Jenga sets feature 54 wooden blocks for building the tower. The blocks in the outdoor sets, however, are bigger and stronger to withstand wear and tear. If assembled correctly, the giant Jenga towers can measure anywhere from 2 feet all the way up to 5 feet, making them a perfect centerpiece for a picnic.

Here, some of the best giant outdoor Jenga sets available on Amazon to play at your next outing.

1. Jenga Giant

Built by Hasbro, this is the largest official Jenga set. It comprises 54 premium hardwood blocks that are nearly 15 times the size of the classic variety. This means the tower can stack to more than 5 feet high. Once it’s that tall, the tumble that inevitably comes is nothing short of crushing. This heavy-duty Jenga can be played both indoors or outdoors and is suitable for one or more players aged 12 and up. It also comes with a giant Jenga-branded bag for easy transport.

Jenga Giant Outdoor


Jenga Giant: $118.50

2. Timber Jumbo Wood Game

Obviously, a company named Timber knows how to handle wood, and its set showcases exceptional craftsmanship. Each of the 54 pinewood blocks features hand-sanded edges that not only feel nice to the touch but also prevent you from getting splinters. You also get some bonus wood care oil to keep each block in good shape. That means no splitting, cracking, twisting or warping. With this set, you can build a handsome wooden tower measuring more than five feet and admire it briefly before it comes crashing down.

Timber Giant Jenga


Timber Jumbo Wood Game:

3. GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

The rules of this beloved game are fun and easy, there’s nothing wrong with switching things up. With GoSports’s set, you get a numbered blocks and a bonus game board that lets you make your very own rules. Crafted from premium knot-free pine, each of the 54 blocks is smooth and sturdy. At setup, the tower measures 2.5 feet and will grow to more than 5 feet during play—if you’re any good, that is. It also comes with a robust canvas bag that makes carrying the game a breeze.

Go Sports Giant Jenga


GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower: $78.84

4. Giantville Giant Tumbling Timber Toy

Perfect if you have a few competitive friends in your inner circle, this set comes with a scorecard that allows you to keep track of who’s winning. The 56 blocks are made entirely from premium pinewood that promises great longevity. Of those blocks, 20 are numbered which means you can create your own rules and write them in a space on the scorecard. This keeps the game interesting no matter how many times you play. Like the rest of our picks, this set has a convenient bag for transport and storage.

Giantville Giant Jenga


Giantville Giant Tumbling Timber Toy: $63.99

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