21 Luxurious Valentine’s Day Gift for Men, From Cufflinks to Cameras

Here, a myriad of luxurious ways to remind him of your love every single day.

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Guys are not the easiest people to shop for, especially during Valentine’s Day. The best gifts for men are romantic and heartfelt, but not too sappy or cliché—and something that fits that bill can be hard to find. It should also speak to his interests and be something he can enjoy beyond the Hallmark holiday. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 21 luxurious gifts for that will make your guy feel suitably special when he opens it on February 14. The presents run the gamut from a curated anthology of superyachts to a charming heart-embroidered pocket square. You’re welcome.

Eton Heart Pocket Square

Eton Heart Pocket Square


Let your significant other know he has your heart with this charming pocket square by Eton. Crafted the brand’s signature cotton twill, it  features a small embroidered red heart on the corner. It’s romantic without being overly saccharine. Since the pocket square is mostly white, it’ll work with a variety of tailoring, and the heart is easy to keep a secret. Plus, your partner can don it for V-Day dinner.

Buy Now: $80

Technogym Ball for Dior

Technogym Ball for Dior


Any guy who likes to work out will appreciate the gift of fresh gym equipment, especially if it’s designed by Dior. The French fashion house has partnered with Technogym to create an ultra-stylish treadmill, workout bench and exercise ball that each sport the coveted Christian Dior name. The pieces will be available in Dior pop-up boutiques worldwide starting January 22, as well as stores in New York, Paris and London. Keep an eye on the website, too, where you can find this exercise ball for $1,300.

Buy Now: $1,300

Balmain Homme Giftset

Balmain Homme Gift Set


Keep your gent looking as flawless as Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing with a collection of the brand’s grooming products. Designed for men, the giftset includes hair and body wash, a scalp scrub, beard oil and a chic beard comb. Each product is perfumed with the intense woody fragrance of Balmain Homme, which pairs invigorating citrus notes and fresh bergamot with warm and masculine Sandalwood. Smells like a winner.

Buy Now: $225

Bottega Veneta Boxer Briefs

Women aren’t the only ones who can don special knickers on Valentine’s Day. Give your man a three-pack of Bottega Veneta’s boxer briefs and help him unleash that inner sexy. Made in Italy, the cotton shorts feature an elastic waistband to help them stay nice and secure, along with an embroidered logo. Of course, the scarlet hue is also perfect for this romantic occasion.

Buy Now: $300

Leica M11 Camera

Leica M11 Compact Digital Camera


All couples should have a good camera on hand to capture memories. That’s where Leica’s new M11 comes in. Billed as the Red Dot’s most refined compact digital camera yet, it boasts a full-frame BSI CMOS sensor, which can shoot in three different resolutions (60, 36 or 18 megapixels). Whether your man is a budding photographer or a total pro, he’s sure to appreciate this sharp shooter and the moments it immortalizes.

Buy Now (B&H Photo): $8,995.00

Buy Now (Leica): $8,995.00

A Masterclass Subscription

Masterclass Subscription


A Masterclass subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. The online education platform features an abundance of classes taught by world-renowned experts that will help your man to gain a few new skills. He could hone his card game, for example, with six-time World Series of Poker champion Daniel Negreanu (above) teaching poker strategy, theory and practice through hand-reviews of his winning games. He can also brush up on style with Tan France, develop a winning mindset with Lewis Hamilton or sharpen his culinary skills with Massimo Bottura, for instance. The best part is it starts at just $15 per month. Of course, the gift of knowledge truly is priceless.

Buy Now: $15+/Month

Naked Cashmere Robe

Naked Cashmere Brian Robe

Naked Cashmere

The next best thing to a cuddle is a cashmere. Give your partner one of Naked Cashmere’s ultra-soft robes to keep him warm and comfy while not in your arms. Crafted entirely from the world’s most luxurious wool, the knit has a long and relaxed silhouette, along with a stylish shawl collar and a belt tie to give the perfect fit. Best of all you can pay an extra $50 and have it embroidered with your gent’s monogram.

Buy Now: $395

Tiffany & Co. Makers Cocktail Shaker


Tiffany & Co.’s sleek barware is guaranteed to impress any gent who enjoys a tipple or two. Part of the Tiffany 1837 Makers collection, which honors the jeweler’s legacy of expert craftsmanship through a modern lens, this elegant cocktail shaker will make a stylish (and useful) addition to any home bar. Crafted from sterling silver and brass, it’s perfect for shaking up all manner of refreshing cocktails. It can also be engraved with your man’s initials. For extra points, splash out on the matching accessories.

Buy Now: $2,370

Bennett Winch Watch Roll

Bennett Winch Watch Roll

Bennett Winch

If your Valentine is a serious watch collector, why not give him a way to carefully store (and travel with) his prized collection? Bennett Winch’s nifty watch roll unfurls to offer space for up to three timepieces. It also comes with a landing pad where he can change the straps on his favorite daily driver.

Buy Now: $895

Cartier Cufflinks

No gentlemen’s wardrobe is complete without cufflinks. This elegant pair by Cartier are forged from sterling silver and finished with a rich burgundy lacquer that, of course, fits with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Buy Now: $640

Yachts: The Impossible Collection

Assouline Yachts The Impossible COllection


If your guy loves yachts, treat him to a tome dedicated to the heroes of the high seas. Assouline’s Yachts: The Impossible Collection is a carefully curated anthology of the most historically significant luxury vessels of the last 170 years. The spectacular pictorial display covers everything from the yachts of the early 1900s to glitzy modern-day gigayachts.

Buy Now (Assouline): $895

Buy Now (Amazon): $1,460

Glamcor Shaving Mirror

Glamcor Shaving Mirror


If he doesn’t like shaving at the sink, there’s nothing that will upgrade his morning routine quite like Glamcor’s new light-up shaving mirror. Like lower-tech versions of the shower-stall staple, this device won’t fog up, but it has the added benefit of a ring of LED lights with varying levels of brightness. The illumination will help make sure he doesn’t miss any stubble.

Buy Now: $125

Future Fitness App

Future Fitness App


If you want to avoid sending your loved ones to an actual gym in the midst of a very dynamic public health crisis, that’s understandable. The Future fitness app brings its subscribers one-on-one training sessions with licensed personal trainers from the comfort of their own homes. And it’s not just a Zoom workout: the app keeps track of your weekly workouts, even the ones you don’t do with a trainer, to fine-tune and update your regimen in real-time.

Buy Now: $149+

 AirTag Passport Cover by Lighthouse Goods

AirTag Passpot cover Lighthouse

Courtesy Lighthouse

Created by a Houston-based product designer—and inspired by his own loss of a passport—this was the first passport case on the market that was specifically made to fit the Apple AirTag device, which helps you electronically keep track of important belongings. Made of a durable and high-quality synthetic (and vegan) leather, the case has an integrated strap design and a small notch in the cover in which to slot in the AirTag. The bundle comes with a matching snapless luggage keychain (also designed to securely hold an AirTag) and a handy vaccine card protector sleeve that fits into the passport case, for easy accessibility at the airport. Available in black, blue and green.

Buy Now: $32.99

Shibui Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

Shibui Pure Malt Japanese Whisky


It has long been a semi-guarded secret that many Japanese single malts are actually blends of Japanese and Scotch whiskies. This has only recently come to light, but Shibui, as part of an import company co-founded by sisters Lauren and Rachel Simmons along with Nicolas Pollacchi, has never made a secret of the practice, as their slogan plainly says, “We don’t distill. We discover.” The premise is that they take the best of pre-existing whiskies and combine them to produce the optimum results. In this case, their Pure Malt is a blend of 100 percent malted barley—mostly from the Niigata Region of Japan—along with a smaller portion of whiskies from the Scottish Lowlands, all of which have been aged in ex-bourbon, oloroso sherry and mizunara casks. The result is a slightly hefty candied walnut, maple and marzipan countenance with a spicy finish.

Buy Now: $70

Waterford Lismore Straight-Sided Tumbler

The Best Whiskey Glasses: Waterford Lismore Straight-Sided Tumbler


Of course, he’ll need something to drink any fine spirit out of. This one, a reinterpretation of early Waterford designs, is a mid-century modern classic. Three factors working in unison make the drinking experience special: the circular cuts that run around the lower third of the glass, the vertical wedge cuts that bisect them and the quality of the crystal itself. Together, the glass almost collects the light around it and refracts it toward the whiskey in the glass. Great for sipping a good whiskey neat or a round of Old Fashioneds, drinking out of one feels important and, dare we say, romantic.

Buy Now (Set of 2): $129.99

Lahgo Silk Sleep Mask

Lahgo Washable Silk Sleep Mask


Sleep is important for everyone, and we’ve never been getting less of it than we have in the past two years. Help the guy on your list get into his REM cycle faster with this luxe silk sleeping mask.

Buy Now: $48

Dyson Lightcycle Morph

Dyson Lightcycle Morph Task Lamp


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Dyson’s lamp is among the best in the biz. Not only will it illuminate all your various day-to-day tasks, it does so in a way that’s good for your health. The famed vacuum maker’s light has LEDs that are engineered to emulate the sun’s rays, counteracting any blue light from computers, tablets or smartphones that may stunt melatonin hormones and keep you up at night.

Buy Now: $650

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum Intense

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum Intense


One of the year’s saddest moments was when my bottle of Aesop’s Anti-Oxidant Intense Serum finally ran dry. A 2-oz. bottle will deliver a triple threat of benefits to your skin: It hydrates and plumps skin beneath the surface, strengthens the skin’s defensive barrier thanks to a hefty hit of Vitamin E, and deflects pollutants and toxins with a featherlight parsley-powered shield. It’s a jacked-up and remixed spin on Aesop’s popular Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum, and one I’ll be sticking with henceforth.

Buy Now: $85

Hermès H24 EDT

Hermès H24 EDT


H24 is the luxury brand’s first pillar scent for men since the iconic Terre d’Hermès launched 15 years ago. And it’s an instant classic itself: the dynamic trio of metallic-earthy-woody notes celebrates the contemporary man and his ties to both nature and technology. It’s still new enough, too, that wearers will enjoy “I had it first” status; years from now it’ll be as ubiquitous as Chanel Bleu or Dior Sauvage—that’s how confident I am in H24’s performance.

Buy Now: $105

Sensate 2

Sensate 2


Stimulating the vagus nerve has been shown to help people feel calm—and to help the body mitigate the effects of stress. Sensate, which comprises a device that sits on your sternum and an app that plays soundscapes that sync with the device’s vibrations, is designed to bring its users instant relaxation. If you’re shopping for someone who’s particularly stressed out, it’s a great option.

Buy Now (Sensate): $249

Buy Now (Amazon): $299

Panasonic Body Groomer ER-GK80-S

Panasonic Body Groomer ER-GK80-S


An upgrade on Panasonic’s previous V-nozzled body trimmer, this all-over hair tamer was designed to get into the most awkward crevices and angles without so much as a pinch. It’s waterproof and holds a 50-minute charge, and doesn’t take up a ton of space. There’s no reason to use your beard trimmer anywhere below your chin anymore. (Was there ever?)

Buy Now: $100

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