The Best Gifts for the Wine Connoisseurs in Your Life

For the oenophiles who appear to have it all.

Meridia Electric Wine Opener Amazon

If you’ve got a serious oenophile or two within your inner-circle, there’s no way you can get away with bestowing any old wine gift. Discerning wine connoisseurs likely have all the appropriate glassware sorted and more than a few bottle openers in tow. You could always buy your good pal vino, though pairing a bottle to personality and taste is no easy feat.

Fortunately, a certain online marketplace has a spate of gifts that will appeal to even the most ardent wine drinkers who appear to have all the imbibing accouterments. It does, however, take time to search through and assess each potential present.

To streamline that process, we’ve assembled four of the top wine gifts on Amazon for you. They run the gamut, from elegant tasting journals to premium wine chillers to aerating wine glasses. No matter if your friend or family member likes white or red, they’ll be thrilled to receive one of these picks.

1. Huski Wine Cooler

Ideal for wine lovers that drink white, Champagne or rosé, Huski’s next-gen wine cooler keeps vino perfectly chilled for up to six hours. That’s all thanks to its ingenious design that has garnered numerous awards. Constructed from premium stainless steel, it features internal copper plating for improved thermal efficiency. It’s also vacuum insulated to keep all that cool air in. That means you can crack a cold bottle with no ice needed. The chiller fits most traditional wine bottles and stays in place while you pour to prevent any condensation from getting on hands or tables.

Huski Wine Cooler




Huski Wine Cooler: $74.99

2. Chevalier Collection Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

Most wine connoisseurs understand the importance of letting a good vintage breathe. Chevalier’s nifty aerating wine glasses streamline that process and make it a whole lot faster, meaning you can enjoy your favorite drop posthaste. Simply pour the wine into the internal cell of the glass and it will aerate as it flows from several holes into the rest of the vessel. Not only is this super easy, but it’s also fun to watch. Each glass can hold 7 ounces of your finest wine or even whiskies. They can be thrown straight into the dishwasher after use, too.

Chevalier Collection Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses


Chevalier Collection Stemless Aerating Wine…: $50.00

3. Meridia Electric Wine Opener Set

Alright, we know we said no bottle openers, but this isn’t your standard variety. Meridia’s electric wine opener removes corks in just seven seconds. That’s quicker than it takes to say, “Would you prefer the Bordeaux or Burgundy?” It’s also cordless and rechargeable to ensure you can open a bottle whenever, wherever. That’s not all, however, this set also includes a foil cutter to remove seals, an aerator pourer to prevent any spillage, and a vacuum stopper that preserves your wine for longer. It’s a must-have gadget for any wine lover worth their weight in grapes.

 Meridia Electric Wine Opener Set


Meridia Electric Wine Opener Set: $29.90

4. Doug Paulding Wine Tasting Journal

There are a million and one things that go through an oenophile’s mind while sipping fine wine. Doug Paulding’s wine tasting journal enables connoisseurs to rate, record and remember each vintage they try. Each page features prompts—like price, producer, region, variety, finish, etc.—which makes it easy to fill in the book and capture info, even if you’ve had a few glasses of vino. In addition, the back cover has pockets where you can store labels, business cards and wine-related material for easy access. What’s more, the journal is stylish and will look handsome atop your bar or desk.

Doug Paulding Wine Tasting Journal


Doug Paulding Wine Tasting Journal: $7.95

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