The Best Wine Carafes for Decanting Your Favorite Varietals

Whether pouring fine wine or another beverage, the right vessel makes all the difference.

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Enjoying a great glass of wine is about more than just the contents of your glass. It’s about the whole experience. And how your favorite Pinot finds its way to your glass can be a crucial part of that equation. That’s why a beautiful—and functional—carafe is a must-have for any self-respecting oenophile.

Though they come in many forms and materials, our favorites are usually made from glass both for the timeless aesthetics, as well as its weight and ease of cleaning. Of course, how each carafe is formed is just as critical. The appropriate dimensions give your chosen varietal room to breathe, releasing more complex flavors and olfactory notes. Here are our top four picks for the best carafes Amazon has to offer.

1. Georg Jensen Wine Carafe

Georg Jensen has created stunning objects since 1866 and this wine carafe is no exception. Made with the company’s signature, sleek Danish aesthetic, the shape of the decanter helps aeration enhance the wine’s bouquet while a dimpled bottom makes for smoother pouring. Its beautiful glass body is topped off by a polished stainless steel spout and a silicone stopper helps keep your favorite vintage fresh.

Pros: It doubles as art for your table.

Cons: Among the more expensive picks on our list.

Georg Jensen Wine Carafe

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Georg Jensen Wine Carafe: $139.00

2. Waterford Lismore Carafe

Waterford crystal is famous for a reason: it’s timeless and made to the highest quality standards. Crafted from pure crystal, the brand’s carafe has a classic hourglass silhouette with an elegant, deeply etched diamond design across the exterior—it’s sure to be an heirloom. Plus, its shape is perfect for allowing wines and other spirits to breathe thereby achieving maximum flavor.

Pros: Timeless looks and sturdy weight make this model a keeper.

Cons: The style may not be as contemporary as some users might prefer.

Waterford Lismore Carafe

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Waterford Lismore Carafe: $285.90

3. Kosta Boda Bruk Carafe

Sleek but with an earthy touch, Kosta Boda’s carafe is among the more modern picks on our list. Made from glass, it has a leaner than average silhouette more akin to a wine bottle and closes with an oak wood topper. This model is capable of holding nearly 45 ounces of liquid, making it roomy enough to hold enough vino for a leisurely dinner.

Pros: A slender silhouette creates a smaller countertop footprint.

Cons: The silhouette might not allow your favorite bottle of wine to breathe quite as well as other options.

Kosta Boda Bruk Carafe

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Kosta Boda Bruk Carafe

4. Alfi Pallas Chrome-Plated Thermal Carafe

Somehow straddling the line between timeless and futuristic, Alfi’s Pallas chrome-plated carafe is a pleasure to look at. Its sturdy brass body insulted whatever beverage awaits within, meaning it can serve hot and cold beverages equally well. It’s so effective that it can keep cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages nice and steamy for a full 12 hours. To refill, simply press down on the top tab and secure shut.

Pros: You can easily operate this model one-handed for extra convenience.

Cons: Its design isn’t the most traditional on our list.

Alfi Pallas Chrome-Plated Thermal Carafe

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Alfi Pallas Chrome-Plated Thermal Carafe: $116.60

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