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The Best Gooseneck Kettles for Making Coffee or Tea

Here, four stylish kitchen companions that are great for making pour-over coffee.

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When it comes to boiling water, there’s more than one way to go about it. Some kettles are electric; others can be set on the stove. Their shape can differ as well: While many have a shorter, wider spout, others are leaner and longer. It all depends, of course, on what you’re brewing. And the easiest way to make a good cup of pour-over coffee is with a gooseneck kettle.

The the reason for gooseneck kettle’s name is obvious enough. Its spout is long, lithe and curved, like the neck of a goose. What are the advantages of this build? For one, it allows for a slower, more controlled flow of water. For another, it looks pretty cool. The former is key for pour-over coffee fanatics, as making this brew requires a great deal of patience—you’ll have to pour just a little bit of hot water in at a time. That’s not to say that you can only use a gooseneck kettle for one thing. You can easily use it to make tea as well.

Of course, although they all look more or less the same, not all gooseneck kettles are created equal. Here are four of the best.

1. Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle

If you’re going to be handling hot water (and an equally piping hot kettle) then you’ll want a handle that you can count on. Coffee Gator’s grip is both ergonomic and cool to the touch, so you won’t have to worry too much about scalding yourself while brewing up a cup of coffee or tea. The 40-ounce kettle also has a temperature gauge, which helps you know exactly how hot the water is at all times. A triple layer base—which is comprised of aluminum sandwiched between layers of stainless steel—helps keep the pot from rusting and ensures that it can be used on virtually any stovetop.

Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle


Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle: $18.90

2. Jake & Leo Pour Over Kettle

Jake & Leo’s gooseneck kettle is an outlier on this list as it eschews classic styling in favor of a distinct, modern aesthetic. In lieu of the traditional stainless steel, it sports a matte black finish. It also features a unique “dimple” pattern that adds another point of differentiation. The compact kettle has a long, curved spout that will help you pour with precision. It’s also equipped with an ergonomic handle for added comfort. This kettle can hold 34 ounces, which gives you enough capacity to make more than one cup at a time.

Jake & Leo Kettle


Jake & Leo Pour Over Kettle:

3. Bean Envy Gooseneck Kettle

Bean Envy’s kettle is for the adventurer in all of us. (The adventurer that doesn’t want to sacrifice their coffee for the sake of thrill-seeking, that is.) The kettle has a triple-bottom design, so it’s safe to use on all stovetops (or campfires) and is made of medical-grade stainless steel. Plus, despite having a 40-ounce capacity, but is noticeably more compact than other kettles, so it’s no real hassle to bring it along on your next journey.

Bean Envy Gooseneck Kettle


Bean Envy Gooseneck Kettle: $48.08

4. Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle

While most gooseneck kettles will get the job done, not all are engineered to last. Barista Warrior’s is, though, as it’s made of tough, surgical-grade stainless steel, with a double layer base that helps with even heating. It’s not perfect, though: While it can hold 40 ounces, the brand recommends that you lowball this number and fill it up less, lest the kettle risk overflowing. But if stainless steel isn’t your thing, good news: Barista Warrior’s pot comes in a copper-coated option as well. A built-in thermometer helps you identify when your water is heated to the correct temperature.

Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle


Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle:

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