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The Best Grappa Glasses for Sipping the Fragrant Italian Brandy

Imbibe from these glasses when enjoying the special liquor.

best grappa glasses Courtesy of Amazon

A specialty of Northern Italy, grappa is a fragrant brandy famous for its fruity and warm honey notes. It makes a beautiful complement to a traditional Italian feast (or any other kind, for that matter) and, as with most fine liquors has its own specialty vessel: the grappa glass.

With looks akin to champagne flutes or mini wine glasses, grappa glasses have long stems supporting rounded bowls that cinch in the center like an hourglass before widening at the top. This silhouette maximizes the grappa’s nuanced flavor profile and allows all of its lush olfactory notes to waft your way as you drink.

Any addition to your glassware collection is an important consideration, particularly when it involves acquiring a specialized glass which will only be used on certain occasions. We’ve rounded up our top four picks available on Amazon so you can imbibe the authentic way the next time you dig into a bowl of fresh pasta.

1. Schott Zwiesel Crystal Grappa Set

Consisting of six pieces, this set is big enough to accommodate the family and guests during small dinner parties. Crafted from special tempered crystal, they may look delicate but are break-, chip- and scratch-resistant so they can be enjoyed without being overly precious. Each one has a classic shape with a cinched center that widens toward the top and base so you can enjoy the maximum amount of flavor from every sip. After you’ve finished imbibing post-carbonara, simply stash them in the dishwasher’s upper rack for cleaning.

Schott Zwiesel Crystal Grappa Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Schott Zwiesel Crystal Grappa Set: $52.24

2. RONA Grappa Glass Set

So you want to enjoy some grappa the proper way but don’t want to fill your entire cupboard with the glasses? This set might be the right pick for you. Containing only two glasses, it’s ideal for a couple who only breaks out the beverage on special occasions. It makes a great gift for the same reason. Though the duo’s shape is very much classic, it has a slightly narrower profile than some others on our list and we think it looks pretty elegant as a result. It may also lead to a more intense concentration of flavor and scent as you go to take a swig.

RONA Grappa Glass Set

Courtesy of Amazon

RONA Grappa Glass Set:

3. Stolzle Lausitz Quatrophil Grappa Glass Set

Few things impress quite as much as a place setting that literally sparkles and these glasses will help yours do precisely that. Cut from the finest crystal, all six have remarkable clarity that never ceases to dazzle. They have less of an hourglass shape compared to others on our list but that doesn’t mean they won’t highlight all the best components of your grappa well. In fact, the wide bowl allows the brandy to breathe beautifully so it can blossom as you drink, holding them by the slender stem. Like our other picks, this selection is also dishwasher safe so there’s no need to stress about cleanup.

Stolzle Lausitz Quatrophil Grappa Glass Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Stolzle Lausitz Quatrophil Grappa Glass Set: $140.00

4. Villeroy & Boch Purismo Special Grappa Glass Set

Slightly weightier in build than some of the other choices presented on our list, this set of four grappa glasses has a minimal profile that looks beautiful in any setting. Capable of holding 4 ounces of brandy, they are calibrated to hold the ideal amount when you’re enjoying a tasting. The fine crystal used to construct each one is not only scratch-resistant but is also resistant to growing cloudy over time, a serious concern for those who want their glasses to shimmer with clarity. Break them out to end your favorite meal on a high note.

Villeroy & Boch Purismo Special Grappa Glass Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Villeroy & Boch Purismo Special Grappa Glass Set: $41.79

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