The Best Grill Covers to Protect Your Barbecue From the Elements

Four top-notch grill covers that will keep your barbecue grill safe rain or shine.

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Grills, while built to last, aren’t immune to the elements. Since they’ll be sitting around outside for long periods of time, they’re often at the mercy of the seasons, which can lead to wear and tear. Of course, if you have a grill cover to put over the device when it’s not in use, that won’t be a problem.

A grill cover looks and functions much like a tarp. It’s a big, waterproof piece of fabric that’s designed to protect your grill from rain, which can cause your barbecue to rust. Rust is an easy enough thing to remove with some baking soda, but let too much of it accumulate and it can get in your food, which no one wants. You’ll also want a grill cover that’s made of a durable material so it won’t easily tear or fall apart. Finally, make sure you get one that fits your specific model.

All in all, a good grill cover is a necessity for anyone who likes to barbecue outdoors. Here, four of the best on Amazon.

1. Weber Grill Cover

Weber’s one of the biggest names out there when it comes to grills, so it follows that the brand’s cover is one of the very best out there. It’s designed with UV inhibitors, which prevent the fabric from fading in the sun, so it will look great even after years of use. The cover is also water resistant and comes with fastening straps on either side to hold it in place. Make sure, as ever, that its dimensions fit your particular grill before purchase.

Weber Grill Cover


Weber Grill Cover: $79.99

2. Classic Accessories Grill Cover

Looking for a grill cover that’s more than just a black cloak? Look no further than this custom-fit tarp from Classic Accessories. The US-made brand’s cover has an old-school khaki and brown colorway that’s a nice change of pace from the competition. But this cover doesn’t just look good. It’s also made of durable, water-resistant Gardelle fabric, has plenty of padding, air vents and even a built-in storage pocket at the top.

Classic Accessories Grill Cover


Classic Accessories Grill Cover: $35.99

3. Bull Outdoor Products Grill Cover

Not everyone has a full grill setup—some may just have a grill head in their backyard. And that suits just fine, but you’ll still need a proper cover for it. Bull Outdoor’s works well in these cases, as it’s specifically designed to cover just the grill head, with an elastic strap sewn in for a more secure fit. The tarp is made of a heavy-duty polyester, so it won’t fall apart easily, and its red trim means that it’s less of an eyesore than most other covers. But if you want a tarp that offers even more coverage, you’re out of luck here.

Bull Outdoor Products Grill Cover

Bull Outdoor Products Grill Cover: $70.74

4. Grillman Grill Cover

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a cover that works for your particular grill. Grillman’s cover takes some of the worry out of this process, as its large, 58-inch-long tarp will fit most models from Weber, Char Broil or Brinkmann. Side straps allow you to take it in so it can better fit your grill of choice, and the waterproof and tear-resistant fabric won’t break under pressure.

Grillman Grill Cover


Grillman Grill Cover: $34.99

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