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The Best Grill Spatulas for Flipping Steaks, Burgers and More

Investing in a reliable spatula is a surefire way to improve your grilling game.

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The spatula is among the most important tools in a griller’s arsenal. The humble utensil can take many different forms and tackle many different tasks.

The most common type of spatula used in grilling is what’s known as a “slotted turner.” As its name implies, this design features holes to allow oil and liquids to drain and is perfect for turning steaks, flipping burgers and tossing veggies. Some spatulas will also have a sharp edge for cutting through ingredients.

When it comes to construction, grilling spatulas are typically forged from stainless steel, as it promises greater strength and longevity than other materials. They often feature wood or silicon handles to protect your hands from heat. You can also expect a few stylistic differences between models because grillers appreciate the small details, like a built-in bottle opener.

Here, we’ve curated four of the best grill spatulas on Amazon that will help improve your grilling game.

1. RSVP International Endurance BBQ Grill Spatula

Designed for grillers with an appreciation for the finer things, RSVP International’s spatula is a triumph of form and function. The slotted stainless steel head spans 7.25 inches in length and is attached to a high-quality rosewood handle that measures 10.75 inches in length. This gives the tool just the right amount of length to allow grillers to flip food with ease in complete safety. It also feels nice and luxurious to the touch. The spatula is fitted with a nifty hanging hook for convenient storage and will make a handsome addition to any grill.

RSVP International Endurance BBQ Grill Spatula


RSVP International Endurance BBQ Grill Spatula: $12.50

2. Cave Tools Barbecue Spatula

Cave Tools has taken heavy-duty to a whole new level with this spatula. It’s forged from solid stainless steel that’s some 20 percent thicker than standard barbecue tools and offers an unmatched level of durability. The tool will never bend or break even when picking up larger cuts of meat and features a sharp serrated edge for slicing on the go. It can also be tossed in the dishwasher straight after use for easy cleaning. Of course, the spatula’s biggest drawcard is the built-in bottle opener that is just ripe for tailgating.

Cave Tools Barbecue Spatula


Cave Tools Barbecue Spatula: $9.99

3. TableCraft BBQ Stainless-Steel Spatula

For more than 70 years, TabelCraft has been creating high-quality cookware. Take, for instance, this extra-long stainless-steel spatula which pairs premium materials with thoughtful design. Spanning an impressive 19 inches in length, it will allow you to stay cool while you tend to the grill as your hands are kept far from the flame. The elegant wooden handle is not only nice to the touch but looks good, too. Compatible with both charcoal and gas grills, it’s the perfect companion for every cookout. It’s also dishwasher safe so clean up is no big deal.

TableCraft BBQ Turner


TableCraft BBQ Stainless-Steel Spatula: $16.88

4. Oklahoma Joe’s Blacksmith Hawg Lifter

Perfect for hard-core carnivores, Oklahoma Joe’s hefty spatula is specifically designed for handling larger cuts of meat and is fittingly called the “hawg lifter.” Forged from hardwearing stainless steel, it features an oversized head and riveted full-tang for increased stability. The shorter handle length also gives more control. The nifty scalloped edge, meanwhile, allows you to pick up bigger ingredients, like brisket and Boston butt, from underneath rather than scraping across the bottom. To top it off, the spatula’s custom hanging notch doubles as a bottle opener.

Oklahoma Joe's Blacksmith Hawg Lifter


Oklahoma Joe's Blacksmith Hawg Lifter: $24.99

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