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The Best Grill Tongs for Flipping Steaks and Turning Hot Dogs

No T-bone shall escape your grasp.

best grill tongs amazon Courtesy of Andrik Langfield/Unsplash

There’s nothing quite like a great cookout. Whether it’s for a weeknight family meal or a different kind of gathering, the smell of food cooked over an open flame just never gets old. Besides learning the ins and outs of preparing foods so they come out in the best manner, you also need the proper tools to get the job done. And grill tongs are possibly the most useful of them all.

Ideal for everything from turning hot dogs and ears of corn to flipping steaks and robust veggies slices (think eggplant), they ensure a secure grip and bible handling. Plus, they usually have their dimensions altered from the average kitchen variety with increased length so your hands never have to come dangerously close to the ripping hot grates. The pincer head, handle texture and locking mechanism all make a tremendous difference in how easy or difficult your next shift on barbecue duty will be.

Luckily, we’ve done the leg work and rounded up our four favorite models available on Amazon to have to you grilling like a pro in no time.

1. Outset Extra Long Rosewood Tongs Extra

When it comes to grilling (and cooking in general), we believe the less fussy something is the better it functions. These tongs are a great example as what they lack in bells and whistles is more than made up for by simple, reliable design. Measuring just shy of 2 feet at 22 inches in length, this model allows your hands to remain a safe distance from the grill surface, which comes in especially handy when a fire starts to get out of control or is just particularly strong. The body is constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, but the handles are fixed with rosewood detailing for a touch of warmth.

Outset Extra Long Rosewood Tongs Extra

Courtesy of Amazon

Outset Extra Long Rosewood Tongs Extra: $16.50

2. Shark BBQ Heavy Duty Grill Tongs

With the exception of a handful of details, most tongs more or less operate the same way and have similar features. However, this one stands out thanks to the flat heads at the end of its pincer-like grip, which also features a grid texture. More than just for show, this allows the pair to ride the line between tongs and spatulas. This makes the pair as adept as flipping pork chops as it is at flipping a hearty salmon filet or even multiple skewers at once. Forged from durable 304 stainless steel, it has a comfortable grip coated in PVC to make using them a pleasure.

Shark BBQ Heavy Duty Grill Tongs

Courtesy of Amazon

Shark BBQ Heavy Duty Grill Tongs: $26.31

3. Weber Original Grill Tongs

In the grilling game, Weber is a name that needs no introduction. The trusted American outfit has earned a stellar reputation for its top-notch outdoor grills and barbecue accessories, like these premium grill tongs. Crafted from hardwearing stainless steel, this set spans 17 inches in length to keep your hand far from the flame while cooking. The tongs also have a clever front-end design and non-slip handles to give you a secure grip on a variety of ingredients, from a rack of ribs to a large roast. The tongs can be locked when not in use and hung via the loop for easy storage. Best of all, they can be thrown in the dishwasher straight after use.

Weber Original Grill Tongs


Weber Original Grill Tongs: $20.28

4. Grille Perfect Heavy Duty Tongs

If you need an especially steady hand while you go about tending your grilled treats, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this pair of tongs by Grille Perfect. The grip portions of each head not only have the standard scalloped edge, but also employ fine prongs along the opposing edge. This ensures that even slippery foods, like buttery grilled asparagus spears, can be transferred from one side of the grill to the other (or from grill to plate) with ease. Measuring 16 inches in length, they aren’t the longest pair on our list, but they are among the sturdiest.

Grille Perfect Heavy Duty Tongs

Courtesy of Amazon

Grille Perfect Heavy Duty Tongs: $19.56

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