The Best Grow Lights for Cultivating an Herb or Fruit Garden at Home

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Indoor gardens, while a great way to spruce up your home, can be difficult to keep alive and healthy. Not only do you need to water plants regularly, but if there’s no window nearby they may not get enough sunlight to survive. So if you’re interested in growing plants inside that require a bit more sun, you’ll need a grow light.

A grow light is a typically rectangle-shaped LED light that is set up above a row of plants. It’s meant to mimic the UV rays generated by natural sunlight, keeping your plants healthy and flourishing. There are a few key things to consider when buying a grow light however, most of which has to do with the plant itself. For example, if you’re growing a plant that’s going to grow taller, you’ll want to leave more room between the light and the plant for it to sprout. Some plants will also require more sunlight than others, so it’s important to invest in a grow light that’s not too harsh for your garden.

The biggest component to keep in mind is that a good grow light should be full spectrum, meaning that it can mimic the sun almost exactly. Here, four of the best on Amazon that fit the bill.

1. Phlizon Plant Grow Light

Some plants are harder to grow than others. For those that require a bit more nuance, Phlizon offers a solution. It’s a full spectrum light that has a “veg” and “bloom” mode—the former uses blue and white LEDs and is better for seedlings, while the latter uses red and white LEDs and is great for plants that are flowering and blooming. You can use both at the same time or just one, depending on what stage your garden is at.

Phlizon Plant Grow Light


Phlizon Plant Grow Light: $69.99

2. Beelux Grow Light

Grow lamps, while great, can rack up a hefty electric bill. So, if you have your heart set on an indoor garden but don’t want to consume too much energy doing so, then Beelux’s Grow Light is the best pick. It contains a high-tech LED chip that’s more sustainable than other lights, so it’s both more environmentally friendly and more efficient. It also has two cooling fans built in, so no worries as far as overheating goes.

Beelux Grow Light


Beelux Grow Light: $58.99

3. Bloom Plus Grow Light

One thing to be wary of with grow lights is noise. Since many of them incorporate cooling fans, they can get a bit loud. Not so for Bloom Plus’ light, which foregoes fans for a thick aluminum heat sink, which passively cools it. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s a square shape, not a rectangle, which may impact the layout of your plants.

Bloom Plus Grow Light


Bloom Plus Grow Light: $79.99

4. Mars Hydro Grow Light

Some gardeners want to go big or go home. If that’s the case for you then you’ll want Mars Hydro’s grow light, which, at three feet by three feet, is the largest on this list. It’s pretty easy to use too, with a dimmable function that allows you to tweak the equipment’s full spectrum of light. Keep in mind though that, because it’s a bit bigger, it may not suit every space.

Mars Hydro Grow Light


Mars Hydro Grow Light: $149.99

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