The Best Guitar Rack for Carefully Displaying Your Prized Axes

Give your guitars the kind of home they deserve.

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If you’ve dropped some serious cash on your guitar collection, it deserves to be put on display. Nobody wants to see a priceless Les Paul or custom Stratocaster collecting dust in a case, after all. That’s where the guitar rack comes in.

This nifty storage solution promises to carefully cradle your prized axe (or five) in the studio or at home. Not only will it save you space, but it also ensures you can easily access your instruments whenever you feel like strumming out some chords. On top of that, it makes for a striking design statement. Each guitar rack will generally hold up to five electric, acoustic or bass guitars. Of course, you can always invest in multiple racks if you have an even bigger collection.

To get you started, we’ve selected some of the best guitar racks available on Amazon that will give your instruments the kind of home they deserve.

1. Swing String Guitar Stand

String Swing is a trusted name when it comes to guitar racks and for good reason. The US outfit has been around since ‘87 and delivers quality mounts and displays. This particular stand holds six electric guitars or three acoustic side-by-side vertically. Crafted from premium hardwood, the rack an authentic feel and will match any wooden axes you may have in your collection. The parts of the rack that touch your guitars are also layered with String Swing’s proprietary high-density rubber padding to protect each instrument’s finish.

String Swing Wall Guitar Rack


Swing String Guitar Stand: $107.99

2. String Swing Wall Guitar Rack

Given the caliber of its guitar racks, String Swing has also claimed the second spot on our list. However, this ingenious design is somewhat of an outlier compared to the other three picks as it’s the only one that mounts to the wall. This means you can conveniently store five guitars without taking up any floor space. The rack made from rich walnut wood and is fitted with hand-welded steel yokes for each axe. Again, it features the brand’s proprietary high-density rubber padding to protect your guitars from scratches. The best part? This rack takes just 10 minutes to install.

String Swing Wall Guitar Rack


String Swing Wall Guitar Rack: $149.99

3. Hercules 5-Piece Guitar Rack

As you may gather from its moniker, Hercules promises to deliver ultra-strong guitar racks. This particular design can accommodate up to five acoustic, electric or bass guitars to save you a bunch of space. It’s also great to use on stage since the one-piece stand is easy to setup and carry. The rack itself has a specially formulated foam covering all contact points to ensure your prized guitars stay in tip-top condition.


Hercules 5-Piece Guitar Rack: $109.94

4. On-Stage Foldable 5-Space Guitar Stand

If you’re on the hunt for a guitar rack that can be used in multiple places, On-Stage has you covered. Its lightweight foldable stand is easy to transport and can be set up at home, in the studio, or, you guessed it, on stage. It will give you unobstructed and instantaneous access to up to five guitars. The rack is also fitted with a wide rectangular base to ensure it stays nice and stable no matter how many slots are filled. As with the rest of the designs on this list, it also has padded touchpoints that will leave your guitars unscathed.


On-Stage Foldable 5-Space Guitar Stand: $69.95

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