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The 10 Best Pants Hangers to Keep Your Trousers Wrinkle-Free

Store your beloved strides securely and in style.

best pants hangers

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Perhaps more than any other item of clothing, caring for trousers can be complicated. Depending on the material, they’re not well-suited to being folded and stored in a drawer, and hanging some trousers can easily result in the kind of inconvenient wrinkles that have to be steamed away every time you want to wear them. But one solution is investing in the best pant hangers, ones designed to store trousers easily.

Hangers designed specifically for trousers actively help retain their shape and appearance, which will save you valuable time whenever you get dressed. The very best do this without taking up too much valuable closet space. With these factors in mind, we’ve rounded up hangers that’ll get the job done. A look at them all here.

Best Clamp Pant Hanger

The Hanger Project Clamping Trouser Hanger

When it comes to the best hangers for pants, you need something that’ll fit compactly in a given space, mitigate wrinkles and, well, look attractive. Checking all these boxes is this clamp hanger from The Hanger Project, a company that, as its name clearly suggests, specializes in items for closets of all sizes. It features the soft press, felt lining and natural wood finish—all the qualities you need to suspend your favorite trousers without any fuss.

Material: Natural wood, steel and felt.
Pros: Sleek design, compact silhouette and sturdy grip that doesn’t cause wrinkles.
Cons: The locking mechanism could be better.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $13

Most Elegant Pants Hangers

Only Hangers Inc. Wooden Non-Slip Pant Hanger

Your new pair of Brunello Cucinelli trousers deserves to be hung on something just as elegant. And here to help with that is Only Hangers Inc., a brand that offers a pant hanger made of a thin strip of rich walnut. It also features a vinyl coat on the bar, which will ensure that your Italian silk-wool stunners don’t slip.

Material: Walnut and vinyl.
Pros: Impressive looks and vinyl bar that’ll make sure your trousers stay in place.
Cons: The opening is narrower than normal.

Buy Now on Wayfair: $65

Best Multi-Layer Pants Hanger

Devesanter Multi-Layer Pant Hanger

Wardrobe real estate can get taken up pretty quickly, especially if you have a lot of clothes. That’s why having a space-saving option, like this one from Devesanter, is welcome for many of us. By essentially stacking pairs of trousers up on top of one another, the system can free up valuable space for other items. This set comes with six hangers that store up to four pants each (so a dozen pairs, easy) for seamless storage and organization.

Material: Stainless steel and rubber. 
Pros: Easy to save space with pants hanging on top of one another.
Cons: If you have a number of similar trousers, it can be a little difficult to tell what’s what.

Buy Now on Amazon: $24

Best Pant Hanger Pack

Songmics Pants Hangers

As we said, clamp-style hangers feature a smart design that minimizes wrinkling. You open the wooden hanger by rotating the metal hook, which reveals a felt-lined grip system that keeps your trousers secure. Because it doesn’t require your trousers to hang over a bar, you can choose to hang them either from their hems or the waistband. As long as you’ve got the vertical space, this will keep them from developing wrinkles.

Material: Chrome metal and wood. 
Pros: Stylish to look at, easy to rotate and adjust as needed.
Cons: They can only hold one pair per hook.

Buy Now on Amazon: $22

Best Tiered Pants Hangers

The Container Store 4-Tier Swing Arm Pant Hanger

If you’re looking for a multi-layer hanger that’s, erm, not as unique as the one above, the always-reliable folks at the Container Store offer a standard tired option that’ll do the trick. It’s made of chrome metal with a durable rubber coat on bars that swing open, allowing you to access the pair of your choosing easily.

Materials: Chrome metal and rubber.
Pros: The swing arms allow you to access your desired pair easily. 
Cons: Folding pants and layering them on top of one another will add bulk.

Buy Now on The Container Store: $11

Best Clip Pants Hangers

Nature Smile Wooden Pant Hangers

Nature Smile’s clip-style trouser hangers are as close as you can get to having department store-style hangers at home. The metal clips at both ends of these hangers grip onto your trousers securely, making sure they won’t fall to the bottom of your closet. It’s the same reason you’ll find the style at stores the world over.

Material: Lotus wood and chrome metal. 
Pros: The metal clips help to keep items securely in place.
Cons: The same metal clips may leave an imprint in your favorite trousers.

Buy Now on Amazon: $21

Sleekest Pants Hangers

Zober 20-Pack Pant Hangers

Zober’s trouser hangers have a futuristic design that makes it easy for you to get your favorite strides on and off. But the metal hangers are rubberized so they won’t slip off, and the open end angles upward for an extra dose of security. Plus, their sturdy metal bases make them nearly indestructible.

Material: Chrome metal and rubber. 
Pros: The design makes them easy to use, and ensures your pants won’t slip.
Cons: They feature a hanging bar, so you may see some indentations at the fold in your trousers.

Buy Now on Amazon: $22

Best Multi-Pack Pant Hangers

Mawa European Space-Saving Hangers

Why settle for one type of pant hanger when you can have a variety? Mawa, one of the biggest names in the industry, offers a 10-piece set, which includes standard hangers, options with clips, options with one shoulder and options for your belts, shirts and coats. If your closet is carefully curated with essentials, you’ll find no better pack in the market.

Material: Steel with a non-slip coating.
Pros: A great selection of different kinds of hangers.
Cons: The set comes with 10 different hangers, so there’s only one of each.

Buy Now on Food52: $36

Best Two-Hook Pant Hanger

Hafele Wire Pants Hanger

All closets are made differently, suffice it to say, and if yours has a built-in compartment for your trousers, meaning that it has two poles instead one, Hafele has just the thing. The brand offers an 18-pack set of wire hangers made of durable black steel with two hooks that’ll adjust to both ends with no fuss, letting you sift through your collection with ease.

Material: Powder-coated steel.
Pros: Skinny silhouette and durable material.
Cons: Devoid of non-slip coating.

Buy Now on Home Decor Hardware: $190

Best Pant Trolley

Cedar Elements Aromatic Red Cedar Pant Trolley

If you’re looking for the ease of two-hook hangers but don’t have the kind of closet that allows this capability, opt for a pant trolley. You could place it under the pole in your wardrobe or leave it out; the beauty of this device is that you can situate it anywhere. And one of the best trolleys is this one made of cedar wood, a material that’ll protect your trousers from hungry moths.

Material: Red cedar wood.
Pros: The wheels allow for easy mobility, and the cedar wood wards off moths and other critters.
Cons: The silhouette is a little bulky and assembly is required.

Buy Now on Amazon: $100

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