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The Best Heated Gloves to Keep Your Hands Warm No Matter What

Four pairs of gloves that will help you brave the elements no matter how low the temperature drops.

The Best Heated Gloves on Amazon Amazon

Having cold hands may not seem like that big of a deal, but it really can be the worst. That’s why so many people turn to gloves in the winter. But if the weather really takes a turn for the worse, you’re going to want something a little more heavy-duty: a pair of heated gloves.

As the name suggests, heated gloves are gloves that will keep your hands warm no matter how low the temperature. They’re usually made from a weather-proof outer material, are insulated and feature some sort of heating device that can be turned on when necessary. But just like with any pair of gloves, you’re going to want to take into account design, material and fit before picking out a pair of your own.

If you’re sick and tired of having to warm up your hands, then it’s time to pick up a pair of top-quality heated gloves. Here, four of the best currently available on Amazon.

1. day wolf Heated Gloves

These heated gloves from day wolf are the complete package. Thanks to a genuine sheep leather exterior, insulation and infrared heating elements, they’ll keep your hands warm (and dry) whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or hiking through the snow. They also look great, offering a somewhat sleeker aesthetic than the rest of the competition. Rounding out an already robust package are touch pads on the thumb and index finger of each glove so you can use your phone without taking them off.

day wolf Heated Gloves


day wolf Heated Gloves: $158.99

2. Global Vasion Electric Heated Gloves

If you’re used to mild winters, chances are you don’t know how terrible cold hands can be. If this is you, but you have a trip to a colder climate planned, then you’ll want a pair of Global Vasion’s gloves in your bag. These no-frills heated gloves have multiple temperature settings that will keep your hands warm no matter how cold it gets. Their design leaves a lot to be desired, but if you don’t have to wear them daily, chances are you won’t care.

Global Vasion Electric Heated Gloves


Global Vasion Electric Heated Gloves:

3. AKASO Heated Gloves

Almost any good pair of heated gloves is insulated, but few feature 3M Thinsulate cotton, which makes sure your hands always feel comfortably warm. AKASO’s gloves feature this fabric, so they’re a must-grab for anyone particularly prone to frozen fingers. That being said, they have more to offer than just premium insulation. They’re also weather-proof, something that will come in handy if the snow turns to rain, and they even have touch screen compatible fingertips.

AKASO Heated Gloves


AKASO Heated Gloves: $69.99

4. Savior Heated Glove

Maybe the thing that’s stopped you from buying a pair of heated gloves is that they tend to look kind of dorky. If so, Savior has the pair for you. The brand’s gloves are made of leather, and, as a result, they look so much better than the competition. But these gloves have more to offer than just a chic design. They also have a battery-powered heater that will keep your hands feeling warm for up to six hours on a single charge.

Savior Heated Glove


Savior Heated Glove: $169.99

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