The Best Herb Shears for Chives, Dill, Sage and Beyond

Four of the best herb shears that Amazon has to offer.

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Say you have a pair of scissors lying around. Why, then, should you purchase a pair specifically for cutting herbs? There are a few reasons: The biggest one, perhaps, is that herb shears are typically sharper and made of stainless steel, making them better for cutting up pulpy leaves than any scissors you may have by your desk. In essence, a pair of herb shears make it much easier to cut chives, dill or rosemary—plus, their precision means fewer flyaways and therefore less cleanup.

Most shears are also multipurpose, capable of cutting not just sage and basil but also chicken wings and small bones. Use them to cut some veggies over a boiling pot of soup, or to slice some tender meat you’ll be grilling later. You can even use them to cut bits and bobs around the house—just make sure you clean any residual foodstuffs off first. Shears also the perfect gift for anyone thinking about starting an herb garden of their own.

Here are four of the best pairs on Amazon to help you make perfectly minced greens.

1. Gela Herb Scissors

Gela’s scissors aren’t just for cutting herbs—although the premium stainless-steel blades make this pair plenty great in that department—they can also open bottles, crack nuts and peel oranges. With five different blades in one pair of scissors, these herb shears will get the job done, whether it be for food, packaging or fabric. Just don’t forget to run the cleaning comb through the blades and put the magnetic cover back on when you’re done.

Pros: An incredibly useful, multipurpose pair of kitchen scissors.

Cons:  The variety of uses make these double the price of most other shears.

Gela Herb Scissors

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Gela Herb Scissors

2. Gefu Herb and Vegetable Scissors

If you’ve just bought your first cookbook and are a bit intimidated by the amount of fresh herbs you’ll have to cut, then Gefu’s scissors are for you. With five stainless-steel blades, they’ll quickly chop any greenery into bits so you won’t have to worry about taking a knife to them on the cutting board. Their precise edge also should keep the kitchen from getting too messy. And in case you’re worried about the scissors themselves getting clogged with food, they come with a cleaning comb.

Pros: An unfussy pair that is great for new chefs.

Cons: The no frills aesthetic won’t be for everyone.

Gefu Herb and Vegetable Scissors

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Gefu Herb and Vegetable Scissors: $24.95

3. Fiskars Herb Shears

Fiskars’ herb shears will cut any stem clean through. Despite their unique design, these still get the job done via a spring-action mechanism that automatically pulls the blades apart after each cut, thus reducing physical strain. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, so you’ll never have to clean them by hand.

Pros: Smaller size means they’ll store much easier.

Cons: Because of their shape, they aren’t as multipurpose as other herb scissors.

Fiskar's Herb Shears

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Fiskars Herb Shears: $13.84

4. Chefast Herb Scissors

Chefast’s stainless-steel, five-blade herb scissors come as part of a bona fide kit. Included is a safety cover with a built-in cleaning comb, plus two drawstring bags for storing your favorite homegrown herbs in style. They’re also user-friendly, with an ergonomic handle that’s engineered so your hands won’t slip while cutting.

Pros: A well-rounded set that helps budding herbalists cut and store their prized greens.

Cons: While great for herbs, they may not be as effective when cutting small bones or tender meats.

Chefast Herb Scissors

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Chefast Herb Scissors: $12.99

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