The Best Highball Glasses for Your Home Cocktail Bar

The right highball glasses can enhance any cocktail. Here are four of the best on Amazon.

Highball Glasses Amazon

Few end-of-day rituals are more relaxing than coming home after a long day and sitting down with your favorite cocktail. And the glassware you choose may be nearly as important to the experience as the drink itself. If you’re mixing any two ingredients together, you should be reaching for a highball glass. As evidenced by its name, the taller and more cylinder-shaped glass allows for a good balance of ice, spirit and juice. Perfect for drinks like a Bloody Mary, Gin & Tonic, Mojito and more, highball glasses will give your cocktail the presentation it deserves.

Even better, you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance when it comes to choosing the right highball glass. Below, four Amazon options that will both showcase your home mixology skills and make your favorite cocktail as tasty as ever.

1. Baccarat Highball Glasses Set

Baccarat’s highball set is designed in a classic, traditional style that focuses on subtle craftsmanship above all. With its minimalist design, the pure crystal glass has striking vertical lines that provide a rich, textured quality you can admire while you enjoy your drink. Furthermore, the glass just feels perfectly balanced in your hand, which makes it easy to hold while you enjoy conversations with friends after a long day.

Pros: Traditional design befitting any classic cocktail.

Cons: If you’re looking to make a statement with your glasses, these aren’t for you.

Baccarat Highball Glasses Set

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Baccarat Highball Glasses Set: $240.00

2. Waterford Lismore Diamond Highball Glass Set

This set of two highball glasses from Waterford’s Lismore collection are elevated by their incredible detailing. Prismatic cuts help to reinforce the existing Waterford touches to create a glass that just looks good, regardless of whether it has a drink in it. That equal portion of statement and functionality is baked into so much of the Lismore collection, which makes them an option you’ll always want to break out when it comes to making a drink that will also impress friends.

Pros: Visually striking design.

Cons: This set comes in twos, so may need to invest in more than one pair.

Waterford Lismore Diamond Highball Glass Set

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Waterford Lismore Diamond Highball Glass Set

3. Waterford Elegance Highball Glass Set

While they don’t feature deep detailing, these Waterford glasses are made with a weighted bottom to feel rich and luxurious in your hand while you drink from them. Not only will they hold your favorite drink nice and neatly (the lack of detailing actually allows you to see your drink more clearly), the glasses can also be used just as easily as a water glass since the design is so simple. That added versatility can come in handy when entertaining for large groups or when you want to have some nice water glasses for a home-made dinner date.

Pros: Versatile for a number of different uses.

Cons: Some people might want a glass that’s a little more eye-popping.

Waterford Elegance Highball Glass Set

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Waterford Elegance Highball Glass Set: $74.99

4. Marquis Highball Glasses Set

Part of Waterford’s value collection, these highball glasses from Marquis are an incredible option for those looking to outfit an entire style of glass selection all in one swoop. A single purchase will set you up nicely for dinner parties or for having a few friends over before you head out for the night. The textured, almost pineapple-like detailing at the bottom not only makes for a fun aesthetic but gives your hand a place to naturally rest while you sip on the drink. At a can’t miss value, they’re the rare product that just both looks and feels great.

Pros: Set of four provides nice detailing.

Cons: Definitely a starter set.

Marquis Highball Glasses Set

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Marquis Highball Glasses Set: $46.49

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