The Best Honey Dippers to Drizzle Your Sweet Syrups, Molasses and More

These sweet tools allow you to precisely drizzle honey over your food.

HIC Honey Dipper Amazon

A honey dipper is one of those kitchen utensils that looks as though it’s come straight from a children’s picture book. But despite its novel appearance, the dipper is actually a very useful tool. It allows you to drizzle honey over your food without getting your hands sticky. Of course, the dipper is not just limited to honey. It can also be used to trickle other gloriously gooey things, such as syrups, caramels and jams.

Also known as honey wands or sticks, dippers typically measure around 6 inches in length. At one end, they have a bulbous head with distinct grooves that work to collect the honey from the jar and disperse it evenly atop your food. The dippers come in a range of different materials, from traditional wood to modern stainless-steel, so you are able to select a dipper that best suits your kitchen. Here, we’ve rounded up four of the best honey dippers on Amazon that are sure to bring a little sweetness to your life.

1. Naturally Med Olive Wood Honey Dipper

If you’re after a traditional wooden honey dipper, you can’t go past Naturally Med’s 6-inch design. It’s handcrafted from natural olive wood, so each dipper will have a unique pattern depending on the wood grain. Thanks to its deep grooves, the honey will wrap around the dipper as you twirl it, and it’s far less likely to drip than if you were to use a spoon. Wood is naturally resistant to many different types of bacteria but it will require a little more maintenance compared to glass or stainless steel. For instance, you’ll need to season your dipper to extend its life and performance.

Natural Med Honey Dipper


Naturally Med Olive Wood Honey Dipper: $8.97

2. Stainless-Steel Honey and Syrup Dipper

Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, this honey dipper is durable and strong enough to hold up to daily use. It spans 6.3 inches in length and features a grooved head, which is balanced by a round ball on the opposite end. Since stainless steel is heat, stain, rust and flavor resistant, you can use this multifunctional tool to not only drizzle honey but also to stir your coffee and tea. The sleek and understated design also looks great with most other kitchen utensils. Best of all, the dipper can be thrown straight in the dishwasher after use so you’re safe from any sticky mess.

Stainless-Steel Honey and Syrup Dipper


Stainless-Steel Honey and Syrup Dipper: $8.69

3. HIC Honey and Syrup Dipper

At 6.5 inches, this wooden honey dipper is the longest model on this list which means it can easily get to the bottom of even the deepest honey jars and reach all the tricky places that short spoons can’t. It’s crafted from Italian olive oil wood, so it’s lightweight yet strong and won’t scratch surfaces. The dipper has a traditional silhouette that would be at home in more classically styled kitchens. It’s great for drizzling honey, maple syrup and molasses, but, again, the wood will require a little more TLC than glass or stainless steel and it’s handwash only.

HIC Honey and Syrup Dipper


HIC Honey and Syrup Dipper: $13.17

4. Timoo Glass Honey Dipper

If you’ve got a house full of honey lovers, it’s worthwhile getting multiple dippers that you can keep in rotation. This set contains two 6-inch dippers that are made of solid glass. Not only does this make for an exquisite design feature, but the non-stick surface is also super easy to clean. In fact, you can just rinse the dippers with warm water. What’s more, the glass won’t absorb any bacteria or odors. Of course, these dippers are a little more fragile than the wood or stainless steel options, but that just encourages you to drizzle the honey even more carefully.

Timoo Glass Honey Dipper


Timoo Glass Honey Dipper: $8.99

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