The Best Hooded Dryer to Set Your Hair Like a Pro

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Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Dryer Amazon

Most people associate hooded dryers with the hair salons of the ‘40s and ‘50s. The retro plastic domes were used to dry and set the groovy ‘dos of many guys and dolls but were retired when hand-held hairdryers made it to the mainstream in the ‘60s. Now, the vintage design has been resurrected, and for good reason.

Today’s hooded dryers, also known as bonnet dryers, emit even, controlled heat without aggressively blowing around the strands. This greatly reduces the risk of the dreaded frizz. They are great for setting all kinds of men’s and women’s hairstyles—not just pin curls—and require very little tending to. They also sit comfortably atop the head which means your hands are free to do other things, like scroll the ‘Gram, read a book or sip a cocktail. You can create a relaxing salon vibe in your very own home.

Here, some of the best hooded dryers available on Amazon to allow you to dry or set your hair with minimal effort.


1. Red by Kiss Professional Hood Dryer

Kiss by Red has designed a hooded hair dryer that delivers salon-quality results much quicker than competitors. It features revolutionary ceramic tourmaline technology that dries hair to a frizz-free, sleek finish in no time. The dryer is fitted with professional dual motors that combine to deliver 1,875 watts, making this the most powerful model on our list. It comes equipped with four different heat settings and works with hot treatments, color processing, drying and more. Thanks to its compact size, the dryer can be easily folded up and stored after use.

Red by Kiss Professional Hood Dryer


Red by Kiss Professional Hood Dryer: $50.02

2. Nova Microdermabrasion Professional Hooded Dryer

Nova Microdermabrasion’s freestanding hooded dryer is akin to the high-tech models found in fancy salons. Packing 1,300 watts, it’s the second most powerful model on this list and is great for hot perms, hair drying, conditioning and treatments. Furthermore, it offers unmatched maneuverability. The base features rolling wheels for quick and easy moving while the stand is fitted with an adjustable knob to ensure the hood is always at the right height. The heating element can reach a perfect temperature (up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit) within a short time and the multi-bladed fan distributes the hot air quietly and evenly. The timer can also be set up to 60 minutes, which means you can kick back, relax, and finish that book.

Nova Microdermabrasion Professional Hooded Dryer


Nova Microdermabrasion Professional Hooded Dryer: $128.98

3. Gold ‘N Hot Professional Hooded Dryer

There’s nothing worse than getting irregular bursts of heat when drying your hair. Fortunately, Gold ‘N Hot’s professional dryer sports double vents under the hood for even and steady airflow. The 1,200-watt model features three different heat and speed styling settings, which means you can achieve a wide array of fabulous dos. The column can be adjusted depending on the required height and comes with a 6-foot power cord should you need a little extra length. The dryer is fitted with straightforward controls that make it a cinch to use and finger rests for easy mobility.

Gold N Hot Professional Hooded Dryer


Gold 'N Hot Professional Hooded Dryer: $59.83

4. Hot Tools Professional Soft Bonnet Dryer

Hot Tools’s hairdryer is somewhat of an outlier on this list as it features a soft bonnet rather than a hard hood. This flexibility means it’s compatible with all kinds of roller sizes, even jumbo ones. The dryer features two motors that together produce 800 watts for quick and easy drying and styling. What’s more, the ionic technology helps reduce frizz and gives you smooth and shiny results without killing your hair. The dyer offers four different heat and speed settings, including a cool temperature that is ideal for setting finished styles. Best of all, it can all be packed away neatly in the box for easy storage.

Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Dryer


Hot Tools Professional Soft Bonnet Dryer: $50.96

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