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The Best Ice Buckets to Keep Your Bottles Perfectly Chilled

These ice buckets from Amazon will help ensure your drinks are as cold as you want them to be.

The Best Ice Buckets for Drink Lovers Courtesy Amazon

For fans of the finer things in life, there are few pleasures more satisfying than a cold drink. Any spirits enthusiast knows the importance of having some ice around to ensure drinks are served at just the right temperature. But where should you store the cubes? Sure, you could put them in a bowl, but sometimes you want something more refined. That’s when you turn to an ice bucket.

While the ice bucket may not be the first bit of barware to leap to mind, every serious at-home setup needs one. If you’re making mixed drinks or cocktails, or just looking to chill a bottle of your favorite vintage, you’re going to want a stylish bucket at hand. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from. Here are four of our favorites, one for every mood or occasion, to get you started.

1. Waterford Lismore Ice Bucket with Tongs

Simple yet sophisticated, Waterford’s Lismore Ice Bucket offers everything you could want. The graceful container features the brand’s signature Lismore diamond and wedge pattern cut into its hand-crafted crystal. There are no modern bells and whistles to the bucket—it’s simply a beautifully crafted container for ice that’s perfect for a casual night in or a formal celebration. It also comes with a set of stainless-steel tongs.

Pros: A distinguished ice bucket that comes with matching tongs.

Cons: Not dishwasher safe, so you’ll have to clean by hand.

Waterford Lismore Ice Bucket with Tongs

Courtesy of Amazon  Courtesy of Amazon

Waterford Lismore Ice Bucket with Tongs: $495.00

2. Michael Aram Bark Ice Bucket

If you want an ice bucket with some personality, Michael Aram has exactly what you’re looking for. A part of the artist’s Bark & Branch Collection, the bucket’s distinct, tree-like aesthetic is inspired by forms and textures from the natural world. Made from stainless steel and finished in polished aluminum, it features a removable lid that looks like the cross section of a tree—with ring details and everything—to make sure your ice doesn’t melt, even during an outdoor gathering on a warm summer evening.

Pros: A sizable ice bucket with a baroque design.

Cons: Its bold look may not be suitable for all occasions.

Michael Aram Bark Ice Bucket

Courtesy of Amazon  Courtesy of Amazon

Michael Aram Bark Ice Bucket:

3. Marquis by Waterford Lacey Ice Bucket

Sometimes you just want to feel a little fancy. And for those moments, the Lacey Ice Bucket from Marquis by Waterford is what you’ll want sitting on your bar. Made from genuine crystal, the bucket features a tasteful crisscross design around its perimeter. It’s on the smaller side, with a capacity of just 24 ounces, but if you’re just making mixed drinks and cocktails, it’s more than you’ll need. Best of all, despite its delicate appearance, the bucket is able to withstand daily use.

Pros: A timeless look that’ll add a touch of class to any bar.

Cons: Small size mean this one is just for ice.

Marquis by Waterford Lacey Ice Bucket

Courtesy of Amazon  Courtesy of Amazon

Marquis by Waterford Lacey Ice Bucket: $95.00

4. Corkcicle Ice Bucket

While the main purpose of an ice bucket is to keep ice cold, sometimes you want it to do a little more. Enter Corkcicle’s Ice Bucket. With a 128 oz. capacity, this no-frills container has more than enough room to keep your favorite bottle of wine chilled. Its triple-insulated, stainless-steel construction also ensures that whatever you want to stay cool does just that (and then some). With a lid on, the company promises it will keep ice frozen for up to 48 hours.

Pros: Large enough to chill your favorite bottle of wine.

Cons: Its simple, modern aesthetic won’t turn any heads.

Corkcicle Ice Bucket

Courtesy of Amazon  Courtesy of Amazon

Corkcicle Ice Bucket: $99.95

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