The Best Immersion Blenders for Puréeing Soup and Emulsifying Sauce

These four devices make blending a breeze.

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Many people will have blenders in their kitchen. And for good reason: A top-notch blender will churn frozen fruits into smoothies and veggies into soups with ease. It’s a bit of a clunky process though, as the machines are often heavy and can take up quite a bit of counter space. The immersion blender rectifies this problem, as it’s a small, wand-like tool that can be easily stored in a drawer or cabinet.

Also known as a stick or hand blender, an immersion blender is superior to run-of-the-mill blenders in that it can churn foodstuffs in the container in which they’re being prepared. For example, instead of transferring your soup ingredients to a blender and then pouring it back into a bowl, you can simply turn the immersion blender on, put it in the bowl, and voila: A freshly puréed soup. Not only does this cut back on the hassle, but it also minimizes any messes that pouring liquids back and forth from blender to bowl might create.

Immersion blenders are also great for when you have a large container’s worth of food that won’t fit in a traditional blender. Rather than pouring it into the blender in batches, you can simply use the wand and blend it in the bowl itself. The immersion blender isn’t a cure-all, though—most aren’t as strong as their countertop brethren, so hard foods like nuts may be out of the question for some models. In other words, you’ll want to consider why you need an immersion blender for prior to purchase. Here are four of the tops to choose from.

1. Bamix Immersion Hand Blender

The best immersion blenders are those that have many different functions and settings. That’s exactly what you get with Bamix’s offering, which comes with three different interchangeable blades that all perform different tasks: aerating, blending and chopping. Other settings can be customized as per your blending preference as well, most notably the speed, which can go between 10,000 and 15,000 RPM. Plus, the set comes with a wall bracket so the blender can be easily mounted and stored.

Pros: A blender that can perform many different tasks with ease.

Cons: Many different blade options may leave beginners at a loss.

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender


Bamix Immersion Hand Blender: $269.90

2. Cuisinart Hand Blender

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of immersion blending, then Cuisinart’s set is a great place to start. The stainless-steel blender has both a continuous or pulse speed setting, and the head can be swapped out for a whisk or grinder. Also included in the package is a 16-ounce beaker, which will help ensure sure you get the measurements right for that soup you’re whipping up.

Pros: Comes with most everything you’ll need to start immersion blending.

Cons: 200-watt motor makes it less powerful than many other immersion blenders.

Cuisinart Hand Blender


Cuisinart Hand Blender: $79.99

3. Braun Hand Blender

Most immersion blenders have a couple of different speed options and that’s all. Braun’s breaks from the mold with a blending wand that has no predefined speed settings, so you can use your intuition to decide how much (or how little) you would like to mix your soup or sauce. The blade itself can also move up and down on its own, resulting in a more even blend. The blender head can be swapped out, as well, allowing for even more versatility, as it can switch from a set of blades to a whisk or chopper.

Pros: An immersion blender that gives you full control of how finely food is mixed.

Cons: Not the longest blending wand out there, so it may not work for larger bowls.

Braun Hand Blender


Braun Hand Blender: $99.95

4. Waring Immersion Blender

Waring’s immersion blender’s motor is so powerful that it rivals that of many countertop blenders. At 750 watts, the stainless-steel blade can make short work of tough foods and thick soups. It can process up to 10 gallons of food at once, and the 12-inch shaft promises a long reach, so it won’t get lost in the container.

Pros: A powerful immersion blender that can tackle most tasks.

Cons: One of the pricier options, and it doesn’t come with any interchangeable heads or blades.

Waring Immersion Blender


Waring Immersion Blender: $395.00

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