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The 10 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for a Day on the Water

Strengthen your core in the great outdoors with these iSUPs.

best inflatable paddle board sup

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From Montauk to Nantucket to Maui, I’ve gotten to enjoy my fair share of inflatable paddle boards. Stand-up paddleboarding—also known as SUP—makes for a great exercise for novices and experts alike. Not only does it strengthen your core, it can also engage other body parts, such as your arms, shoulders, and quads. Depending on how you position yourself (sitting, kneeling, standing, doing yoga) and where you use it (calm lake, whitewater river, active surf), SUP can be a full-body workout that also allows you to enjoy the great outdoors. I love being in the water, so it’s definitely a huge plus for me. 

There are two drawbacks: lugging these heavy boards around and trying to find a place to store them. This is why we all should opt for ones that are inflatables. Standard paddle boards can average about 10 feet long and can go well over 14 feet. Inflatable paddle boards, however, can be folded down to as little as two feet. When purchasing an inflatable paddle board there are a few key factors to consider: purpose and context, materials, dimensions, weight of the board itself, and the amount of weight the board has the capacity to support.

We’ve wrangled the 10 best inflatable paddle boards to make your time in and out of the water a breeze.

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Speed

NRS Escape Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

If you want to go the distance fast, the Escape inflatable paddle board is the one you want. A premium name in the paddle board field, NRS prides itself on using high-quality, durable materials. The Escape inflatable paddle board, for instance, is made of the brand’s proprietary Axis technology. It also features a six-inch wide stiffening band to improve performance and firmness without any added weight or difficulty in folding.

Materials: Drop-stitch PVC.
Dimensions: 12 feet 6 inches x 30 inches x 6 inches.
Weight: 27 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 250 pounds.

Buy Now on Rei: $1,345

Most Compact Inflatable Paddle Board for Beginners

Decathlon Ultra Compact Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

At the intersection of compactness and value is where you’ll find Decathlon’s inflatable paddle board. Out of its design headquarters on the Basque coast, Decathlon is able to create an item that folds down into a 30 liter pack. Through its R&D team, the company has developed a new proprietary drop-stitch technology. The Ultra Compact inflatable paddle board is a great value, because SUPs of comparable quality and size from other brands would be double the price, so this gives you way more bang for your buck.   

Materials: Polyester cationic, phthalate free PVC, polyethylene low density, and ethylene vinyl acetate.
Dimensions: 9 feet x 33.1 inches x 4.9 inches.
Weight: 15.5 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 175 pounds.

Buy Now on Decathlon: $449

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Families and Groups

Pau Hana Oahu Nui Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Based in Santa Clarita, California, this board company is BIPOC-owned and founded by paddle surfer and competitive athlete Todd Caranto. The name Pau Hana comes from the Hawaiian phrase “time after work.” The company’s ethos is about the spirit of play. The Oahu Nui inflatable paddle board is a big boy, clocking in at 15 feet long and 54 inches wide. It’s large enough for families and groups to enjoy a ride together. Pau Hana encourages team paddling on the Oahu Nui. Bring friends, family, and even your dog along for the ride.

Materials: Drop-stitch PVC.
Dimensions: 15 feet x 54 inches x 8 inches.
Weight: 59 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 1100 pounds.

Buy Now on Rei: $1,699

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Beginners

Bote Wulf Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

The Wulf is an entry-level inflatable paddle board from Bote. The brand was started by a husband and wife team Corey and Magda Cooper, who got into SUP in 2008. The couple wanted an inflatable paddle board that was stable, looked good, and that anybody could use. This one features an extremely stable form, making it a wonderful solution for those starting their stand-up paddle board journey. With a cost-friendly price, the Wulf is also great for those who just want to have another inflatable paddle board in their collection.

Materials: Drop-stitch PVC.
Dimensions: 10 feet 4 inches x 33 inches x 6 inches.
Weight: 20 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 250 pounds.

Buy Now on Rei: $499

Best Touring Inflatable Paddle Board

Red Paddle Co. Compact MSL Pact Anniversary Edition Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Adventure seekers will love the Compact MSL Pact inflatable paddle board from Red Paddle Co. This high-performance paddle board is great for exploration, allowing you to tackle any journey with speed, allowing you to glide on the water. By having its own private facility where it can geek out and create innovative paddle board designs, Red Paddle Co. was able to increase stiffness by up to 30 percent through its patented RSS Batten technology. The brand believes in the quality and durability of its inflatable paddle boards so much that it offers a five-year warranty.

Materials: MSL PACT Drop-stitch PVC.
Dimensions: 12 feet x 32 inches x 4.7 inches.
Weight: 22.4 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 243 pounds.

Buy Now on Red Paddle Co.: $2,199

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for SUP Yoga

Lotus YSUP Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

SUP yoga is a great workout, because it adds another layer of core balance to your practice. It’s ideal for those that prefer being out in the sun, surrounded by water and fresh air than cooped up in a stuffy studio. Some great features beloved by yogis: a traction pad that runs almost the entire length of the board and design markers to guide and ensure that you’re aligned when doing your poses. This YSUP also doubles as a touring paddle board.

Materials: Drop-stitch PVC.
Dimensions: 10 feet x 32 inches x 6 inches.
Weight: 28 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 200 pounds.

Buy Now on Moosejaw: $900

Most Versatile Inflatable Paddle Board 

Body Glove Porter SKX Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

If you don’t have space for both a paddle board or a kayak, this is the board for you. Body Glove designed the Porter SKX to double as both water accessories; all you have to do is simply unclip the removable seats. It also features an action camera mount and an accessory plate. It’s perfect for someone who lives in the city and has limited space to store large equipment. 

Materials: PVC.
Dimensions: 9 feet 6 inches x 31 inches x 5.4 inches.
Weight: 26 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds.

Buy Now on Body Glove: $999

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Kids

Isle Grom Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

We can’t forget about the kids. The Grom is a scaled down version of Isle’s top-selling inflatable paddle board, the Pioneer. It’s super user-friendly and is a great paddle board for children, because it’s easy to maneuver, especially turning, while also providing solid stability and balance. The founders essentially wanted an inflatable paddle board that their kids could enjoy alongside family and friends but also allow them to grow in their paddling acumen. While the Grom was originally designed for children, Isle says that it is also suitable for petite adults who weigh up to 140 pounds.

Materials: PVC.
Dimensions: 8 feet 6 inches x 28 inches x 6 inches.
Weight: 18.6 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 145 pounds.

Buy Now on Isle: $595

Most Durable Inflatable Paddle Board 

Hala Gear Carbon Hoss Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Hala Gear is not shy about its commitment to quality and durability—not surprising from a company that is based by the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, Colo. Since 2011, the company has been calling people to go outside and enjoy the adventure of being on a paddle board. It goes the extra mile by adding a third seam that, instead of glue, is welded and bonded for life. The Carbon Hoss maintains stability and the patented Carbon Stringer technology and woven drop-stitch construction allows its paddle boards to glide. What’s more, Hala Gear offers a five-year warranty on its inflatable paddle boards.

Materials: Carbon and fusion drop stitch.
Dimensions: 11 feet x 33 inches x 6 inches.
Weight: 25.5 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 275 pounds.

Buy Now on Outdoor Play: $1,499

Best Commuter Inflatable Paddle Board

SIC Maui Okeanos Expedition Air Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

In 2006, Mark Raaphorst, one of the pioneers of stand-up paddle boarding, founded SIC Maui. With over 30 experience in water sports (surfboards, windsurfers, and outrigger canoes), he is still committed to crafting and designing precision boards. The Okeanos Expedition Air is intended for intermediate and advanced paddle boarders. For those that live near accessible waterways, this inflatable paddle board is perfect for commuting, because it comes with a drybag backpack and the SUP was designed for speed, stability, and agility. Store your belongings in the drybag as you paddle to your destination and skip all of the madness of rush hour traffic. 

Materials: Fusion drop-stitch PVC.
Dimensions: 12 feet 6 inches x 31 inches x 6 inches.
Weight: 26.9 pounds.
Weight Capacity: 255 pounds.

Buy Now on SIC Maui: $1,050

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