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The Best Irish Coffee Glasses to Make Your Joe Even More Fun

The best glass mugs for the coffee-based cocktail.

The Best Irish Coffee Glasses on Amazon

Most cocktails are served chilled or with ice. But sometimes, especially when fall or winter rolls around, you want a drink that will really warm you up. Few are better at that task than Irish coffee.

Although its roots trace back to the 19th century, Irish coffee as we now know it was developed during the middle of the last century. It’s a simple concoction that mixes hot coffee with Irish whiskey and sugar and is topped with cream. While you can technically serve it in any vessel suitable for hot liquids, you’re going to want a transparent mug that showcases the cocktail, that isn’t too hot to the touch and that can withstand frequent use. If you can also find one with some flair, then all the better.

If it’s getting to that time of year when you want to start drinking more warm cocktails, or if you just want to make sure you’re prepared for when fall and winter roll around, then now is the time to invest in a set of Irish coffee glasses. Here are four of the best on Amazon right now.

1. Waterford Lismore Irish Coffee Pair

If you really love Irish coffee and want a mug that shows your passion for the drink, then Watford has the perfect set of for you. Made from extremely high-quality crystal, these two mugs feature the brand’s timeless diamond and wedge pattern cut into the bottom half of the mug and its base. One thing to note about this set of mugs, though, is that it’s not as hearty as some choices on this list, so you’ll want to wash it by hand. But that’s a small price to pay for something this striking.

Waterford Lismore Irish Coffee Pair


Waterford Lismore Irish Coffee Pair: $199.99

2. Libbey Irish Coffee Mug Set

Libbey’s mugs won’t win any beauty contests, but that’s not the point. The company’s glasses are more traditional, and are exactly what you envision when you think of Irish coffee. With a capacity of 8.5 ounces, they’re the perfect size—not too big, not too small. The mug, which is suitable for any kind of coffee, is also microwave-safe, in case you ever need to quickly warm up your drink. Plus, they’re easy to clean: All you have to do is pop them in the dishwasher.

Libbey Irish Coffee Mug Set


Libbey Irish Coffee Mug Set: $27.50

3. Godinger Dublin Irish Coffee Mug Set

The Irish coffee is a wintertime cocktail through and through. The traditional look of Godinger’s glasses reflects this. Each one has a classy, snowflake-like design etched into the glass. And while these mugs certainly look good, they’re also plenty durable, and feel substantial in a way that not all cocktail glasses do.

Godinger Dublin Irish Coffee Mug Set



Godinger Dublin Irish Coffee Mug Set: $23.92

4. Luigi Bormioli Double Walled Irish Coffee Mug Set

Any high-quality mug will diffuse heat so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself when you pick it up. Luigi Bormioli’s glass takes this a step further. Each thermal mug has a double-walled construction that ensures your hand never gets too hot. But this design isn’t just for safety’s sake. It also helps keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. Despite this, the mug’s Borosilicate glass is plenty durable. You can even run the mugs through the dishwasher.

Luigi Bormioli Double Walled Irish Coffee Mug


Luigi Bormioli Double Walled Irish Coffee Mug Set:

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