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The Best Kitchen Knife Storage Solutions for Every Home Cook

The best way to store your knives—no matter how many you have.

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Every properly equipped kitchen needs a great selection of knives. But where to store all of them? The last thing you want is for a hodgepodge of sharp blades to be banging around loosely in a drawer. For organization (and safety!), a specific knife storage solution is the answer.

Most often made from wood as it looks handsome and doesn’t dull blades, great knife storage units should provide plenty of space for a full range of kitchen knives. But adaptability is also a plus as we sometimes have more of one knife than another.

Though some designs are wonderful to the eye, they may not function optimally—which is far more important when it comes to cooking. But that doesn’t mean we have to ignore aesthetic value just for the sake of pragmatism, either. We’ve rounded up four of our favorite models available on Amazon so you can put your best santoku, paring and boning knives away safely.

1. Boker Magnetic Knife Block

Both artful and practical, Boker’s model offers a unique way to store knives. Made from rich Makassar hardwood, it has an intentionally staggered design that allows it to accommodate your longest and shortest knives with equal efficiency. Hidden internal magnets mean that you can simply place a given knife next to it and it will adhere firmly with no need for extraneous ties. Plus, that unique feature means that because all of the knives are collected on the outside, you never have to guess which one you’re reaching for when beginning to cook. Even when not filled to capacity, it has a striking architectural appearance.

Boker Magnetic Knife Block

Courtesy of Amazon

Boker Magnetic Knife Block: $129.56

2. The Drop Block Under Cabinet Knife Block

Possibly the most inventive of any unit on our list, The Drop’s unique under-cabinet configuration frees up counter space. It also means that knives no longer have to rest inside a narrow sleeve and risk dulling while stowed away. Its strong hinges can support your heaviest cleavers and regularly open and shut for years while still holding up beautifully. It’s also a great option for families with young children as the sharp utensils can be tucked securely out of reach.

 Under Cabinet Knife Block

Courtesy of Amazon

The Drop Block Under Cabinet Knife Block: $152.50

3. Schmidt Brothers Downtown Magnetic Knife Block

The Schmidt Brothers’ beautiful knife storage model is minimal and modern without a hint of coldness. Carved from rich acacia wood, it has an acrylic shield fixed to the exterior with a small gap where knives can slide in or out. This shield creates a stunning clear display where knives appear to float in mid-air right next to one another. Internal magnets ensure they are held securely in place. The space-saving design is flat so it doesn’t occupy an excessive footprint and the nature of its materials make it a cinch to select the appropriate knife. The dual-sided construction effectively doubles the number of blades you can store—perfect for the avid home cook.

Schmidt Brothers Downtown Magnetic Knife Block

Courtesy of Amazon

Schmidt Brothers Downtown Magnetic Knife Block: $129.99

4. Cooks Standard Knife Storage Block

Constructed from sustainable bamboo, this generous knife block has a full 25 slots to store a vast array of knives, and can accommodate blades up to nine inches in length. It also comes with dedicated space for kitchen shears and a honing steel. Possibly the most conventional style on our list, it has a traditional look that would suit a variety of kitchen decors and its hearty material means it’ll last for quite some time with regular care. Its heft makes it very stable, but also means it takes up a bit more space than some of the other selections mentioned here.

Cooks Standard Knife Storage Block

Courtesy of Amazon

Cooks Standard Knife Storage Block: $40.83

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