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The Best Knife Blocks for Storing Your Kitchen’s Sharpest Blades

Show some love to your knife collection.

Styled Settings Magnetic Knife Block Amazon

Storing high-quality chef’s knives in a cutlery drawer is one of the biggest sins one can commit in the kitchen. Not only can it dull and damage the blade, but if you’re carelessly rummaging through utensils you could end up with an injury. The solution? A knife block. This nifty countertop companion allows you to conveniently keep your blades closeby for easy access and achieve mise en place—that’s French for everything being in its correct place.

The knife block sometimes gets a bad wrap—we all remember those cumbersome wooden designs that came with a matching set of subpar knives—but they’ve actually come a long way. Today, knife blocks are fitted with all kinds of bells and whistles—built-in knife sharpeners, magnetic strips and more—to please discerning foodies.

So, if you’re ready to show some love to your knife collection and add a little pizzaz to your countertop, we’ve selected four of the best knife blocks on Amazon that are a cut above the rest.

1. Styled Settings Magnetic Knife Block

You may have heard about the benefits of magnetic knife holders; they’re a little more hygienic than knife blocks and gentler on blades. But, their modern bar design may be a little too much for traditionalists. Thankfully, Styled Settings has found a way to give the humble knife block a magnetic edge. This unique design retains a classic shape but uses magnets to hold knives, rather than slots. Both the inner and outer wall of the block is fitted with powerful magnets that will keep your knives in place without dulling their edge. On top of that, the multipurpose two-in-one design features a utensil caddy where you can store your other kitchen tools. The block is made from chic black wood, which will look great on any benchtop.

Styled Settings Magnetic Knife Block


Styled Settings Magnetic Knife Block:

2. Junyuan Clear Knife Block

Want to show off that hammered tsuchime finish? This is the knife block for you. It features two transparent glass walls that are not only plenty elegant but also allow you to see the bottom of each blade. This tempered glass is fitted with non-slip strips to prevent the block from slipping and is also resistant to high temperatures and scratches. Sandwiched between the glass walls is a chunk of natural bamboo, which boasts 23 separate knife slots. Here, you can store knives of various sizes, as well as two pairs of kitchen scissors and a knife sharpener. By juxtaposing organic wood with modern glass, Junyuan has created a truly original knife block that stands out from the pack.

Junyuan Clear Knife Block


Junyuan Clear Knife Block: $46.99

3. Wüsthof 25-Slot Mega Block

Wüsthof is known for its world-class cutlery and, unsurprisingly, its knife block is also of the highest quality. Crafted from eco-friendly acacia wood, which is also bacteria-resistant, the sizable block features no less than 25 slots and will comfortably hold a whole knife collection. In fact, Wüsthof even offers the perfect 25-piece set (sold separately, of course). While it’s not a blow-your-socks-off original design, the angled shape provides easy access and will keep your kitchen organized. It’s fitted with non-skid feet that protect your countertops and stop the block from sliding and is sturdy enough for even the biggest blades.

Wüsthof 25-Slot Mega Block


Wüsthof 25-Slot Mega Block: $85.00

4. Kitchen Seven Universal Knife Block

Rather than traditional slots, Kitchen Seven’s knife block features flexible plastic rods that can accommodate 16 knives of any shape and size. The top tier is perfect for knives up to 8 inches long, while the bottom tier works for smaller blades, such as your 5-inch steak knives. The rods are nice and gentle and won’t dull your knives. But, if they do, the block features not one but two in-built knife sharpeners to keep your utensils in tip-top shape. The knife block is hand-finished in Brazillian bamboo, which is nonabsorbent, mildew proof, durable and easy to clean. It’s also one of the most sustainable materials on the market, so you can rest easy knowing you’re looking out for Mother Earth.

Kitchen Seven Universal Knife Block


Kitchen Seven Universal Knife Block: $29.99

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