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The Best Laptop Cooling Pads to Keep Your Laptop From Overheating

Four cooling platforms that will keep your computer from getting too hot.

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Anyone who has used their trusty laptop for long enough knows that, sometimes, it can start to overheat. Not only is this a danger to the laptop itself, it can also be uncomfortable for you. The best way to solve this dilemma is with a laptop cooling pad, which helps redirect the device’s air flow.

Most of these pads have built-in fans—the exact number varies—which helps move heat away from the device. Any laptop can benefit from this, but it’s especially useful for those who use laptops for gaming. Even better, many cooling pads double as stands, meaning that, while your laptop is perched upon it, the exact angle that it’s perched at can be altered to your liking.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when buying a new cooling pad is the dimensions of your laptop. If you have a larger laptop, obviously want a cooling pad that’s big enough to accommodate it. Here, four of the best on Amazon.

1. IETS GT300 Double Blower Laptop Cooling Pad

Let’s face it—most laptop cooling pads won’t be winning any beauty contests. IETS’ device won’t change that, but it does look cooler than most thanks to LED lights with seven different color options. It can accommodate laptops between 14 to 17 inches, and has two air filters that prevent dust from building up inside the system. The height of the stand can be adjusted, too, as can the wind speed to three different settings. There’s not much more you could want out of a cooling pad, really.

IETS GT300 Double Blower Laptop Cooling Pad


IETS GT300 Double Blower Laptop Cooling Pad: $64.99

2. Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

At first glance, laptop cooling pads can seem a bit intimidating. There’s USB ports to consider, as well as fan count, overall size and adjustable height. Havit’s offering is so straightforward you won’t have to ponder these questions too much—in fact, its fan speeds can be adjusted with the tap of a finger. There are two adjustable height settings, an extra USB port and the surface is non-slip. It’s great for beginners, but for some, it may be just a bit too simple.

Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad


Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad:

3. Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad

Most cooling pads, like many laptops, are pretty bulky. Tecknet’s, however, is quite the opposite: It’s a slim, lightweight platform that can be easily packed away for travel. The USB-powered device has two fans that are quiet, so they won’t disturb any coworkers or family members. The only downside is that it can only accommodate laptops that are 12 to 16 inches—which works well for those with smaller laptops, but not if you’re looking to invest in a larger one.

Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad


Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad: $25.99

4. PCCooler Laptop Cooling Pad

If you’re someone who plays a lot of video games on their laptop, then you know that your device can start to overheat pretty quickly. For that you’ll need an especially heavy-duty cooling pad like PCCooler’s, which comes with five fans to help provide airflow and remove heat. There are 10 red LED lights built in to the thing too, so it’s plenty flashy, and you can adjust the height and angle six different ways depending on your play style.

PCCooler Laptop Cooling Pad


PCCooler Laptop Cooling Pad: $25.99

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