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The Best Large Saucepans for Family-Size Cooking

From pasta to stews, these large pans have got you covered,

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Nothing beats sharing a home-cooked meal with friends and family, and when whipping up something for the gang, you’ll need a large sauce pan. Whether you’re a dedicated home chef that makes stocks from scratch or more of a quick-and-easy pasta fan, this pot should be a staple of your kitchen.

Holding three or more quarts, the large sauce pan is ideal for making a vegetable or chicken stock, or making your own soup—with enough left over to freeze for later. Your family’s legendary Sunday pasta sauce can simmer all day in this pot, and you can also use it to make a quick stovetop mac-and-cheese on a weekday, or some oatmeal on a school day morning.

From some of the top names in cookware, here are four of the best large saucepans available on Amazon.

1. Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 4-Quart Saucepan

This shiny stainless steel pot may look simple, but it’s full of features that will help you to cook like a pro. An aluminum core and signature Heat Surround technology allows the pan to heat up quickly and evenly, while the triple-ply construction makes sure the heat stays locked in. The tight-fitting lid seals in flavors and the tapered rim prevents drips when you move from stove to sink. Another useful touch: The handle stays cool to the touch and boasts thumb rests for added balance and control as you sauté, sear and simmer.

Cuisinart large saucepan Amazon

Courtesy Amazon

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 4-Quart Saucepan: $68.95

2. Circulon Radiance 3-Quart Sauce Pan

Part of Circulon’s Radiance collection, this spacious pot features three layers of long-lasting non-stick coating and raised circles on its surface to help you remove whatever you’ve got cooking with ease. The heavy-duty, hard-anodized construction works to evenly distribute heat, while the shatter-resistant glass lid’s built-in strainer makes pouring out liquids a breeze. Also available in larger 5.5-, 7.5- and 10-quart versions, the Circulon pan is safe to use both in the oven and dishwasher.

Circulan large saucepan Amazon

Courtesy Amazon

Circulon Radiance 3-Quart Sauce Pan: $49.99

3. Farberware Classic Sauce Pan, 3-Quart

Available in both 3- and 4-quart versions, this dishwasher-safe large sauce pan features many of Farberware’s century-plus-old signature touches. The bell shape and rolled rim look stylish on your stovetop, while the curved handles help you keep a firm grip on things. Layers of stainless steel over an aluminum core allow the pan to heat quickly and evenly, but if you need to finish off a dish even more, you can safely pop it into the oven at temperatures up to 350 degrees.

Farberware large saucepan Amazon

Courtesy Amazon

Farberware Classic Sauce Pan, 3-Quart: $25.96

4. Ozeri Stone Earth All-in-One Sauce Pan

With its German-imported, stone-derived coating (available in various colors), this sauce pan will stand out on your stovetop. The eco-friendly non-stick finish is also a plus, and—along with the shorter sides and added “helper handle”—helps make this a good pick for dishes that need to be simmered, sautéed or poached. (The additional handle also helps when the pan is filled to its five-quart capacity.) On the technical side, the magnetized base helps the pan heat up evenly, the glass lid has a steam-release vent and the silicone-covered handles never get hot.

Ozeri large saucepan Amazon

Courtesy Amazon

Ozeri Stone Earth All-in-One Sauce Pan: $35.37

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