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The Best Push Lawn Mowers for Maintaining Your Garden

Four lawn mowers that make cutting the grass a breeze.

The Best Push Lawn Mowers on Amazon Amazon

Anyone’s who’s dreamed of owning a big house has also probably imagined a beautiful, expansive lawn out in front of it. But there’s a pretty major issue that comes with such aspirations: maintenance. Sure, you could hire a bunch of gardeners, but if you want everything to look exactly the way it does in your head, then you may want to handle the upkeep yourself. And the key to any landscaping efforts is a high-quality push lawn mower.

The lawn mower has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 19th century, but it’s also not too remarkably different from the machine you may have used growing up. That’s because, when you set aside all modern bells and whistles, every machine consists of rotary blades connected to a battery- or gas-powered motor that you run across your lawn to cut the grass.

If you’re a first-time lawn owner, or in if you just want to upgrade your equipment, then it’s worth investing in a lawn mower that will last you for years to come. Here are four of the very best on Amazon.

1. Greenworks Cordless Push Lawn Mower

The biggest difference between the lawn mowers of today and the ones you grew up with is that some of them are electric. Greenworks’ 21-inch machine is powered by two batteries that give it up to 60 min of runtime when fully charged—and each takes just a half-hour to charge up. And if all that wasn’t enough, the mower is also equipped with the company’s innovative “Smart Cut Technology,” which speeds up the blades to ensure the cleanest cut possible.

Greenworks Cordless Push Lawn Mower


Greenworks Cordless Push Lawn Mower: $799.97

2. Snapper XD Electric Push Lawn Mower

Snapper’s electric lawn mower isn’t the most powerful one out there—though its 45-minute runtime certainly isn’t nothing—but it makes up for it by being one of the more efficient. It’s equipped with tech that adjusts blade speed to meet the demands of your lawn and its different sections, and it also has room for a bigger back for particularly large lawns, and can fold up vertically for easy storage.

Snapper XD Electric Push Lawn Mower


Snapper XD Electric Push Lawn Mower: $399.99

3. Craftsman Lawn Mower

Most gas-powered lawn mowers can’t compete with the features of high-tech, battery-powered motors, but Craftman’s 21-inch offering still has everything you could need—especially if you have a small lawn. Its engine is both powerful and durable, which means you’ll be using it for years to come. The dual-level height adjustment, meanwhile, makes it easy to change cutting height on the fly. A side discharge system allows you to put nutrients back into your yard when your mulching.

Craftsman Lawn Mower


Craftsman Lawn Mower: $319.99

4. Yard Machines Push Gas Lawn Mower

There’s nothing fancy about Yard Machines’ gas-powered lawn mower. In fact, it’s probably just a more refined version of the machine you used growing up. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Basic though it may be, its features are all you’ll ever need, like, for example, its three different cutting heights. The tried-and-tested 132cc engine is on the smaller side, but, unless you’ve got a gigantic lawn, it’s more than powerful enough.

Yard Machines Push Gas Lawn Mower


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