The Best Leather Journal for Jotting Down Notes, Stories and Sketches

Four sturdy yet stylish literary companions.

NomadCraftsCo Vintage Leather Journal Amazon

There are few things more therapeutic than putting pen to paper in a journal. Whether you’re rehashing the day’s frustrations or penning a simple to-do list, it just feels better to write things out in the now somewhat old-fashioned manner. Of course, to really take things up a notch, you should opt for a luxurious leather journal.

A cut above the flimsy notebook, these sturdy yet stylish literary companions will allow you to scribble away without fear of ruining the cover or pages. The best designs are bound by high-quality leather that is not only soft and supple to the touch but will also last a lifetime. You simply need to buy the paper refills. Leather journals are, of course, available in a range of styles to suit any kind of taste.

Here, we’ve selected four of the best leather journals currently available on Amazon to get you writing posthaste.

1. Jack&Chris Leather Journal

Jack&Chris has been crafting handmade leather products for the past eight years to an exceptional standard. This particular journal is made from high-quality water buffalo leather and is as durable as it is elegant. Every journal is filled with 160 sheets (or 320 pages) of premium paper that is 100gsm thick. The pages are designed to avoid ink bleeding and are suitable for most pen types. Since they are also unlined, you are free to write, draw or sketch anything you please in this journal. What’s more, the pages are made from acid-free paper which is said to resist damage from both light and air.

Jack&Chris Leather Journal


Jack&Chris Leather Journal: $15.99

2. NomadCraftsCo Vintage Leather Journal

If you want to unleash your inner J.R.R. Tolkien, Nomad Crafts Co. has designed the journal for you. It looks as though it’s been pulled straight from a Lord of the Rings and has a delightfully old-fashioned aesthetic. The cover is made from thick water buffalo leather that is soft and supple to the touch but still plenty sturdy. The journal is embossed with a striking tree design and features hand-stitched binding for added durability. The pièce de résistance, however, is the handmade cotton paper inside. It’s been distressed to give an antique feel and can accommodate any type of pen. (We suggest a fountain, of course.)

NomadCraftsCo Vintage Leather Journal


NomadCraftsCo Vintage Leather Journal: $27.95

3. SohoSpark Compass Writing Journal

Perfect for any environmentally conscious writers in the mix, SohoSpark’s journal is made from 100 percent synthetic vegan leather and entirely cruelty-free. Needless to say, the faux leather is still silky smooth and feels luxurious in the hand. The journal offers 120 sheets (240 pages) of lined paper yet is still nice and compact. This makes it perfect for travel, which explains that compass on the cover. The journal also features a ribbon bookmark and numbered pages to ensure you keep your place.

SohoSpark Compass Writing Journal


SohoSpark Compass Writing Journal: $29.99

4. Gallery Leather Desk Journal

While the rest of the journals on this look a little vintage, Gallery Leather’s design is the antithesis of this. Handcrafted in Maine, it has a refined, modern aesthetic that will match your briefcase perfectly. The soft leather cover holds a total of 192 lined pages that are made from acid-free ivory paper. Each page also features a gold edge for a little touch of glitz and glamour that contrasts with the black. The journal also features a ribbon bookmark so you always land on the right page.

Gallery Leather Journal



Gallery Leather Desk Journal: $32.00

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