The Best Lemon Presses for Making Fresh-Squeezed Juice Fast

These lemon presses will make juice fast and easy.

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Fresh is better. That’s typically true of all food (although there’s something to be said for the value of a good frozen pizza for example), but it’s especially important when it comes to fresh citrus juice. Bottled juice just doesn’t taste as good as fresh-squeezed; the richness and freshness are unparalleled. But the most efficient way of achieving that freshness isn’t to just squeeze a lemon with your hands. You need a good lemon press.

A lemon press, or citrus press, works to extract the most amount of juice with the least amount of effort. Just place half of a fruit into the cone-shaped chamber, pull a lever to press down and extract the juice into a container. The clone basically drills into the center of the fruit and yields all that tasty goodness, without seeds or wasting a drop.

Equal parts efficient and effective, a lemon press is going to radically change how you go about getting your lemon juice. Here are some of our favorites you can get from Amazon right now.


1. Zulay Kitchen Lemon Press

With a sturdy construction that’s capable of withstanding dozens and dozens of trips through the dishwasher, this upright press from Zulay Kitchen can handle all kinds of fruit with ease. The juice extractor itself provides the optimal amount of liquid without ever pulling through seeds or needless pulp from the inside of a fruit, as its stainless steel blades can make efficient work out of lemons, limes and even grapefruits. The ergonomic pull handle is comfortable and easy to use, making the whole press a breeze.

Pros: Fast and easy to use.

Cons: Takes up a bit of space, whether in storage or on your countertop.

Zulay Kitchen Lemon Press


Zulay Kitchen Lemon Press: $84.99

2. VIVOHOME Lemon Press

If you’ve never used a lemon press before or are looking to upgrade from a hand press, this option from VIVOHOME is a good value purchase to get you started without having to make a considerable investment. The rubber ergonomic handle requires little force to extract the juice, while high-end construction elements (cast iron and stainless-steel) mean it’ll last for the long haul. Plus, everything is detachable, which will make cleaning a breeze.

Pros: Great for beginners.

Cons: Even at this price, it’s still a bit of an investment.

VIVOHOME Lemon Press

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

VIVOHOME Lemon Press: $59.99

3. SleekDine Lemon Press

Juice from a lemon press is already pretty easy to turn around and dump into a glass or bottle for later use, but this version from SleekDine goes one step further and provides a set of three bottles for you. The included funnels make it easy to, well, funnel the liquid directly into a container for later. With a 5-inch cup diameter, you can press larger fruits with ease, while the cast-iron and stainless-steel construction of the press itself will have it last a long while.

Pros: Extra features are a nice value add.

Cons: You might not need another set of bottles.

SleekDine Lemon Press

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

SleekDine Lemon Press

4. Breville Electric Lemon Press

If you’d rather do without a manual press altogether, this electric lemon press from Breville is the way to go. A simple pulldown level starts the extraction process, providing just the right amount of pressure needed to fully get all the nutrients out of a given fruit. The drip spout can be aimed to funnel the juice directly into a cup of your choosing. Breville’s juicer also has a one size fits all cone that will tackle citrus fruits of all sizes without you have to remove or replace anything. In short, simplicity and ease of use are the name of the game here.

Pros: Fast and easy to use.

Cons: A hefty investment.

Breville Electric Lemon Press

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Breville Electric Lemon Press: $191.00

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