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The Best High-End Lighters for Smoking Cigars or Lighting Your Grill

Four stylish, high-tech lighters that you can rely on.

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No matter who you are or where you’re from, chances are good that you’ll need to start a (small) fire every once in a while. Whether it’s smoking a cigar or helping rev up the grill, lighters are a great thing to have handy. Of course, it’s always better to have one that’s stylish, efficient and built to last.

Most lighters are designed around a simple mechanism: A metal component strikes flint, which causes the fuel well to ignite and produce a small flame. There are plenty of variations on the formula, though. Some lighters produce more fire than others, and some operate off of electricity rather than fuel. Regardless of the model you pick up or what you use it for, you’ll want a lighter that’s relatively windproof and refillable, so you won’t have to buy a new one every time it runs out of juice.

Of course, if you’re going to invest in a high-end lighter, a lot of the decision-making comes down to personal taste and aesthetic. Here, four of the top models available on Amazon.

1. Zippo Matte Pocket Lighters

Even if you have only a cursory knowledge of lighters, you’ve probably at least heard of Zippo. The Pennsylvania-based manufacturer has been making gorgeous lighters for over 80 years now, and it shows. It’s made of metal so it’s sturdy, and its design makes it fully windproof, so you won’t have to struggle to set anything ablaze. Plus, these newer iterations are cast in gorgeous matte colors that won’t show fingerprints, and it’s refillable.

Zippo Matte Pocket Lighters


Zippo Matte Pocket Lighters: $19.58

2. Promise Jet Torch Lighter

Sometimes you need a bit more firepower to make something ignite. Promise’s torch lighter brings the heat in that regard, creating a big, adjustable flame that can easily light things like cigars. The package comes with two lighters, though it doesn’t include any butane, which you’ll need to fuel each. The tank itself is completely transparent, though, so you’ll always be able to tell how much you have left.

Promise Jet Torch Lighter


Promise Jet Torch Lighter: $14.99

3. lcfun Waterproof Lighter

Most lighters consume some sort of fuel, be it gas or butane, and need to be refilled once the tank is empty. Icfun’s is the rare exception. It runs on electricity, which is great because it’s completely windproof and will never have be to be refilled. You do have to remember to charge it, though, but it can run for two hours once it’s topped up. And since it doesn’t require traditional fuel, it’s better for the environment in the long run. Plus, it’s available in a number of colors in case the camo finish isn’t for you.

lcfun Waterproof Lighter


lcfun Waterproof Lighter: $14.99

4. Tacamo Flameless Arc Lighter

If you’re on the hunt for a fail-safe outdoor companion, Tacamo has you covered. Its nifty electric lighter can produce a 2,000-degree Fahrenheit arc with the press of a button to ignite whatever you need. Since there is no actual flame, the lightweight lighter is also windproof and makes the perfect companion on camping trips. It even has an integrated LED flashlight built into the base. The lighter is fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a mini-USB charging port. This means you can easily top up its juice via your computer, car or USB charger and you don’t need to waste money on fuel. The lighter also comes with a lanyard made from patented SurvivorCord to ensure it’s always by your side.

Tacamo Flameless Arc Lighter


Tacamo Flameless Arc Lighter: $39.98

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