The Best Long-Handle Basting Brushes to Flavor Grilled Ribs, Chicken and More

Baste your ingredients while keeping far away from the heat.

RSVP International BBQ Basting Brush Amazon

The humble basting brush is responsible for some of the most delicious things, from sticky ribs to succulent turkey. That’s why it’s important to invest in a high-quality design that will produce the most flavorful strokes.

Of course, not all brushes are created equal and slight variations between designs can make a big difference to your cooking. Everything from the materials used for the bristles to the handle length influences how your brush will perform.

In this list, we’ve focused on long-handled basting brushes (think 10-plus inches) which are typically used for grilling or oven basting. These lengthy designs allow you to apply all-important liquids to dishes while keeping your hands well away from the heat.

When it comes to construction, metal and silicone designs are far more durable and better with heat than their wood or plastic counterparts. Similarly, silicone bristles are easier to clean than natural versions but do offer a little less control. We’ve included a mix of materials to give you more options.

Below, the four best long-handled basting brushes available on Amazon to add to your cutlery arsenal.

1. BBQ-Aid Basting Brush

BBQ-Aid’s basting brush brings together three tried-and-true materials and is as elegant as it is effective. The brush has a strong stainless steel core and is fitted with a smooth acacia wood handle that feels great in the hand. The bristles, meanwhile, are made from silicone for quick and easy cleaning. They’re also resistant to heat and great for adding piping hot glazes to your prized barbecue meat. Spanning 18 inches in length, the brush is angled to give you maximum control and comfort.

BBQ-Aid Basting Brush


BBQ-Aid Basting Brush: $15.99

2. RSVP International BBQ Basting Brush

RSVP International’s basting brush is an outlier on this list as it’s the only one to feature all-natural bristles. This is said to give you more control and allow you to apply pressure more delicately. Natural bristles also tend to hold liquids and thinner sauces better than their silicone competitors. Measuring 10.5 inches, the brush allows you to coat ingredients while keeping your hands far away from the flame. The handsome rosewood handle is plenty durable and is also fitted with a hook for easy storage.

RSVP International BBQ Basting Brush


RSVP International BBQ Basting Brush: $9.95

3. HQY Heavy-Duty BBQ Basting Brush

HQY’s basting brush takes heavy-duty to a whole new level. The handle is forged from extra-thick stainless steel and is tough enough to withstand years of daily use. The brush, meanwhile, is made from 100 percent eco-friendly silicone, which is heat resistant up to 480 degrees-Fahrenheit. It can also be removed entirely from the handle to ensure you get a nice deep cleaning of the bristles. Measuring 12 inches in length, the brush will also keep you well away from the heat while basting.

HQY Heavy-Duty BBQ Basting Brush


HQY Heavy-Duty BBQ Basting Brush: $6.99

4. Taylor Grill Silicone Basting Brush

Taylor’s basting brush is the ultimate griller’s companion. It features an ingenious mop-like head that promises better sauce retention and more even distribution than its competitors. This detachable silicone head is both heat- and stain-resistant. It can also be thrown in the dishwasher after use for easy cleaning. On top of that, it’s shaped like a raging fire and unequivocally badass. In a similar vein, the 18-inch handle features a bottle opener so you can crack a beer while basting your meat. Like we said, a must-have for every griller.

Taylor Grill Silicone Basting Brush


Taylor Grill Silicone Basting Brush: $19.00

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