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Dos Sueños Margarita Glasses Amazon

A margarita is a cocktail that’s synonymous with fun. Sip the zesty tipple and good times are almost certain to ensue, especially if you’re drinking from a classic margarita glass.

Like the cocktail itself—which is comprised of tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice and agave—the cup is rather simple, but will bring a smile to your face without fail. Its origins are somewhat of a mystery, but one legend has it that a bartender in Los Angeles started using them after receiving the wrong type of champagne glass.

Shaped like a vintage champagne coupe that’s gone awry, the margarita glass has a wide mouth that cascades to a v-shaped bowl and a delicate stem. They’re are available in a spate of different sizes, shapes and materials, depending on what kind of sipping experience you’re seeking.

Here, we’ve pulled together four of the best margarita glasses on Amazon that run the gamut from oversized novelty cups to classy, handmade designs. Salud!

1. Dos Sueños Handblown Margarita Glasses

Easily the most traditional option on our list, Dos Sueños’ handblown margarita glasses will give a colorful twist to your home bar. Capable of holding 16 oz of liquid, each glass features a striking aqua rim and was handblown by skilled artisans in Mexico from sustainable recycled glass. The glasses vary slightly in size and show tiny bubbles that develop from the blowing process for a decidedly authentic touch. The thick, sturdy glass is lead-free and dishwasher safe if need be. That means the clean up after your fiesta is a cinch.

Dos Sueños Handblown Margarita Glasses


Dos Sueños Handblown Margarita Glasses: $48.99

2. True North Insulated Margarita Glass

If you want to drink your margarita on the go, True North has the perfect solution. This insulated margarita glass features a Triton lid to prevent spillage and is double-walled vacuum-sealed to keep your tipple nice and chilled. Crafted from premium 18/8 stainless steel, the design is plenty durable and can hold up to 8 oz of liquid. It can also keep ice for up to 24 hours, so it’s great for frozen margaritas or other on-the-rocks cocktails. The cup itself comes in countless colors, but this copper hue is particularly striking.

True North Insulated Margarita Glass


True North Insulated Margarita Glass: $49.99

3. Libbey Stemless Margarita Glasses

Stemless glasses don’t come much better than this model from Libbey. Not only is the brand’s lead-free margarita glass extra convenient, but it also features a minimalist design that’s surprisingly elegant. There’s even more room in each vessel for everyone’s favorite ice-cold cocktail, which no one will complain about. Each set comes with six glasses, all of which are dishwasher safe.

Libbey Stemless Margarita Glasses


Libbey Stemless Margarita Glasses: $26.06

4. SCS Direct Giant Margarita Glass

Hold onto your cocktail umbrella, this epic margarita glass can hold a full quarter of a gallon or three normal margaritas. Measuring 7.5 inches wide by 8 inches tall, the glass is made of premium hand-blown glass and can fit 33 oz of your favorite cocktail. If you’re concerned about drinking that much booze, you can always stick several straws in it and share with your friends or family. The novelty glass is great to use during celebrations, like Cinco De Mayo, and also makes for an excellent gag gift.

SCS Direct Giant Margarita Glass


SCS Direct Giant Margarita Glass: $24.99

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