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The Best Meat Shredders for Pulled Pork, Chicken Salad and More

Tear through the toughest cuts of meat with these useful tools.

meat shredder Courtesy of hlphoto/Shutterstock

Whether preparing chicken thighs for tacos a massive barbecued pork shoulder, sometimes simply slicing and dicing won’t do. You need something that’ll not only portion the meat into easily chewable bites but also increase its tenderness. To kill two birds with one stone, grab a meat shredder.

Available in several different forms, meat shredders work as their name advertises––or at least they’re supposed to. Ideally, your device effortlessly tears into your choice of poultry, beef or pork and makes quick work of transforming it into a pile of delectable strands. You’ll never make pulled pork the same way again.

As with everything else, which one you choose makes a crucial difference in the finished dish. Where the best kind shred, the worst turn food into mush unworthy of serving. And how easy they are to clean plays no small part either. Who wants to painstakingly wash one just to make sure it’s ready for the next time?

Here are our top four picks available on Amazon.

1. Infusion Living Better Shredder

The problem with shredding meat (or any food for that matter) is that it tends to be messy business. Not with Infusion’s model. Designed with a non-skid base for secure handling, the interior is filled with large spikes which grip on to food and, with a few twists of the lid, help shred it in a contained manner. Whatever you’re preparing and all of its juices remain sealed inside so they can be used or discarded however you see fit. Try shredding chicken to add to a hearty salad.

Pros: The sealed construction makes for easy cleanup.

Cons: Its shape might make it difficult to store easily.

Infusion Living Better Shredder

Courtesy of Amazon

Infusion Living Better Shredder: $23.25

2. 1Easylife Meat Forks

Reminiscent of bear claws, 1Easylife’s pair of shredders is just as effective. Forged from 18/8 stainless steel with handsome wooden handles, its tines are better suited to long wear than their plastic counterparts. The handcrafted handles are not only comfortable to hold, but they also added grip to tear through especially tough cuts. Their generous proportions are ideal for tearing apart large cuts like a smoked brisket or wonderfully marbled pork butt. Keep them with your other barbecue essentials for your next cookout.

Pros: The design allows for a great amount of control when getting to work.

Cons: Requires getting your hands dirtier than other models on this list.

1Easylife Meat Forks

Courtesy of Amazon

1Easylife Meat Forks: $23.99

3. Fusionbrands ShredMachine Shredder

Fusionbrands’ handy shredder is a lightweight and versatile tool that makes tearing through foods a cinch. Simply place whatever you’re preparing in the spiked interior and twist the lid to make quick work of things. Although it’s great for shredding chicken for tacos and quesadillas, it’s equally adept at ripping through crisp lettuce or cabbage to pile on top of sandwiches or throw into a refreshing slaw.

Pros: Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Cons: Its plastic components might not be tough enough for certain cuts of meat.

Fusionbrands ShredMachine Shredder

Courtesy of Amazon

Fusionbrands ShredMachine Shredder: $25.99

4. LOPE & NG Meat Shredder Claws

An excellent duo to keep near the barbecue pit, LOPE & NG’s bear claw-style meat shredders are built for tough jobs. Forged with stainless steel tines, they are highly heat and corrosion-resistant. Sharp enough to tear through just about any cut, they also have a knife-edge to help slice any particularly stubborn bits. The opposite edge has a built-in bottle opener to enjoy refreshments as you mind the grill. Even though this style has chic wood handles, the pair can still be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Pros: A knife-edge design adds even more cutting power to this pair.

Cons: They may be too large for some cooks’ hands.

LOPE & NG Meat Shredder Claws

Courtesy of Amazon

LOPE & NG Meat Shredder Claws: $15.99

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