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The Best Medium Saucepans for Your Everyday Kitchen Needs

This kitchen staple is ideal for heating up sauces, reducing gravies, cooking grains and more.

Best Medium Sauce Pans Amazon Courtesy Amazon

When building a cookware collection, start with the saucepan. This versatile item is the backbone of every kitchen, useful for both quick, everyday needs and for crafting more elaborate recipes. But while the pot itself is simple enough—it’s round, fairly deep and has a lid—it does come in three sizes, so it’s key to know when to employ your medium version.

Typically holding between two-to-three quarts, the medium saucepan is the one you grab when heating up a jar of pasta sauce or pre-made soup, or reducing a gravy or stew to a desired thickness. It’s what you need when cooking certain types of grains, poaching eggs and making risotto. And it’s great for re-heating just the right amount of leftovers for one or two people.

In these four medium saucepans available on Amazon, you’ll find features like non-stick surfaces, oven-safe construction, added pouring spouts and more—all designed to make whatever you’ve got on the stove come out perfectly.

1. Calphalon Contemporary Shallow Sauce Pan

The use of sturdy, dishwasher- and oven-safe materials like heavy-gauge aluminum and a hard-anodized construction make this 2.5-quart model from premium brand Calphalon a solid choice for home chefs. Three layers of non-stick coating helps keep things healthy (it allows you cook using less fat), while the design features shallower sides to make it easier to stir your culinary creations, and tight-fitting lids to lock in all that flavor. You’ll appreciate the long, stay-cool handles while it’s on the stove—and when you’re placing the pot in the oven.

Best Medium Sauce Pans Amazon

Courtesy Amazon

Calphalon Contemporary Shallow Sauce Pan: $129.99

2. Farberware Sauce Pan, 1 Quart

Farberware’s mid-sized saucepan is a bit smaller than the typical medium option (it holds about one quart), so this is a good choice for quick jobs like cooking a can of veggies or a heating up a jar of pasta sauce. The stylish design both looks good and features useful touches, from double-riveted, easy-to-grip handle to two pouring spouts. The non-stick pot can be safely put in the oven and dishwasher, and comes with a shatter-proof lid that’s got its own straining holes—which makes for quick clean-up.

Best Medium Sauce Pan Amazon

Courtesy Amazon

3. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Saucepan

Holding 1.5-quarts, this classic stainless steel option from cookware legend Cuisinart may look simple, but it’s got some handy hidden features. The aluminum-covered base helps distribute heat evenly, making it ideal for dishes that require a reduction of liquids, a slow simmer or a rolling boil, while the riveted, solid stainless steel handle stays cool while the pot is on the stove. There’s even a “helper handle” in case you need extra support when pouring liquids out through the tapered, drip-free rim.

Best Medium Sauce Pans Amazon

Courtesy Amazon

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Saucepan: $22.95

4. Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Sauce Pan

Add some color to your kitchen with this eye-catching pot from Tramontina, which is available in vibrant hues like red and cobalt. The 2.5-quart vessel also sets itself apart with its use of enameled solid cast-iron (which helps evenly distribute heat) and porcelain-enamel casing. Pop it into the oven to finish off a dish, then bring some color to your dining table, too, by serving your creation right out of the pot. Note that the sauce pan is hand-wash only.

Best Medium Sauce Pans Amazon

Courtesy Amazon

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Sauce Pan: $57.79

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