The Best Combs for Making Your Hair Look Amazing

The perfect combs for bad hair days.

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Try as we might, we all have bad hair days. You don’t have to show up to the office looking a mess though, as a good comb will easily save you on these occasions. Of course, you’ll need to have the right one on hand first.

When it comes to combs, there are two main varieties: fine tooth and wide tooth. They’re pretty much exactly what they sound like. A wide-tooth comb has thicker teeth that are farther apart, whereas a fine-tooth comb’s teeth are narrower and closer together. Wide-tooth combs are better for those with thick, curly hair—or if you wake up one day with a particularly messy head of hair. Fine-tooth combs, meanwhile, are better for those with straight hair, as they can tease out knots and bumps with ease. You can use them together, too. Many will use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush through wet hair, and then later a fine-tooth comb to get out any midday tangles.

In the end it all comes down to preference, but it’s a good idea to have a comb or two around so you’re always looking your best. Here are four of the best on Amazon.

1. Kent Men’s Hair Comb

Kent’s been making brushes since 1777, so by now they’ve got it down pat. Their fine-tooth comb is no exception: It’s made of cellulose acetate, a material that’s both strong and flexible, so it will bend but not break. The seven-inch tool works as both a fine- and medium-tooth comb, so it’s great for getting out particularly tricky tangles.

Kent Fine and Wide Tooth Comb


Kent Men's Hair Comb: $14.00

2. Baxter of California Pocket Comb

Baxter’s comb is well thought-out. Each one is made by hand in Switzerland and undergoes a careful 12-step process that ensures it’s durable and built to last. The comb is made of cellulose acetate sheets and measures nearly eight inches long. The latter may prove a negative for some, as it’s a bit more difficult to take with you, and those with less hair to comb may find it cumbersome. Still, it’s a quality medium- and fine-tooth comb that’s well worth the investment.

Baxter of California Pocket Comb


Baxter of California Pocket Comb: $23.00

3. Ace Classic Hair Comb

When it comes to combs, you’ll want one that will get rid of the knots in your hair while being gentle on your scalp. Ace Classic’s offering does just that, as the rounded tip of each tooth won’t scratch your skin. Keep in mind that while it works great it is made of plastic—albeit thick, sturdy plastic—so it may be more prone to breakage than other combs.

Ace Classic Hair Comb


4. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Comb

Many combs are made out of plastic. Which is great, except for the fact that the material can often create static. That’s not the case with Rocky Mountain Barber Company’s comb, which is made of wood, so it glides through hair without creating any unwanted frizz. Plus, the medium- and fine-tooth comb comes with a carrying case for travel, so you can easily throw it in your backpack or weekender bag.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Comb

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Comb: $19.99

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