The Best Men’s Razors for a a Bump-Free Shave

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Shaving is one of those things that can be as practical or as ritualistic as you make it. But whether it’s taking your time with a hot foam lather on a Sunday or scrambling to make yourself presentable during a rushed workday morning, the end results still have to be good. The tipping point is and will always be a great razor.

Transforming over the years from a single straight blade to those with replaceable, multi-bladed heads, the world of razors has so many options. They come in a wide range of materials with some sporting contoured handles while others are a bit blunter in form. How secure they are to hold is important given that, you know, they help control a sharp edge placed directly at your throat.

To help keep your mug looking sharp—and as nick-free as possible—we’ve gathered together a list of our top four favorite models available on Amazon.

1. Vikings Blade The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

It’s a rare thing when the product matches the presentation, but this is indeed one of those instances. Viking Blade’s razor is a double-edged style made from polished metal housed within a handsome box, mirror included. To ensure you have a steady hand and the closest shave possible, it is made with hefty construction the brand says is 20 percent heavier than standard models. Not only does this help you get the best grooming, but it also means that it’ll stand up to repeated use over extended periods. That’s something those disposable options just can’t compete with. And, so that you can stay clean-shaven long after purchase, it comes with the sharpest Swedish replacement blades.

Vikings Blade The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

Courtesy of Amazon

Vikings Blade The Chieftain Double Edge Safety…: $21.97

2. Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor

If there was a barbell equivalent to a facial razor, we’re pretty sure this would be it. Not only is Merkur’s model crafted from slick polished metal, but it also has knurled detailing slashed across the handle to improve your grip. This minimizes the chance of it slipping as you get to work and it also improves how well you can maneuver it as you make sweeping strokes across your face. Measuring just over 4 inches, it is beautifully proportioned to fit neatly into the average man’s hand so that it’s all the more comfortable to use.

Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor

Courtesy of Amazon

3. Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor

A bit of a departure from the other options on our list, this model eschews metal and opts for another sustainable choice: bamboo. The renewable resource not only makes it eco-friendly but also lends it a unique texture and look, unlike our other picks. Built for maximum durability, it also features polished stainless steel components and sports a double-edged blade the brand insists will last for ages. However, whenever they do eventually become duller, simply swap them out for a fresh set with no need for replacing the entire apparatus. Plus, if you ever get confused on best practices for care or use, it comes with a handy guide book to teach you all the tips and tricks.

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor

Courtesy of Amazon

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor: $17.98

4. MÜHLE Hexagon Safety Razor

One of the most urbane selections on our list, this razor has a substantial geometric handle that looks great while also making for an easy grip. Though the ergonomics might have you fooled into thinking this model is all modern, it has a wonderfully nostalgic feel thanks to the classic silhouette of its razor head which also happens to prevent build up and provide an impeccably close shave. Because it’s reusable, it has an inherent sustainability factor, but Mühle takes things a step further by ensuring that all of its suppliers and partners are taking active steps toward helping the environment as well.

MÜHLE Hexagon Safety Razor

Courtesy of Amazon

MÜHLE Hexagon Safety Razor: $62.00

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