The Best Toenail Clippers for Men

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Norchan Large Nail Clippers Amazon

Just like trimming nose hair or plucking eyebrows, cutting toenails is one of those mundane but must-do grooming tasks. Because let’s face it, long, talon-like nails are easily one of the biggest turn-offs. Luckily, the chore can be somewhat improved by the type of tool you use. Get a premium pair of clippers, and you’ll spend less time cutting and more time enjoying life.

So, what exactly constitutes a top-notch set? Well, since toenails are larger and thicker than fingernails, sturdiness is paramount. You’ll need something that’s both tough and sharp enough to power through the nail. Opt for materials like high-carbon stainless steel that will hold a sharp edge for a long time and is also very simple to clean. The handle matters, too. You’ll want an ergonomic design that’s easy to grip and comfortable even after several minutes of use.

Here, we’ve curated four of the best toenail clippers on Amazon that are a cut above the rest.

1. GERmanikure Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers

GERmanikure’s heavy-duty toenail clippers are built to last a lifetime. Each pair is painstakingly honed by hand with a file to ensure the blade has a gap that gets wider towards the heal. This can only be achieved with the most precise hand sharpening and allows you to make controlled cuts without damaging your nails. The set is crafted from the finest high-carbon stainless steel from Germany, which means they’ll stay sharper for longer and won’t rust or tarnish over time. Fitted with a barrel spring, the clippers can open up to 1 inch wide and can also be locked when not in use. To unlock, you simply squeeze the handles. The clippers also come in a soft leather case, which protects the blades.

GERmanikure Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers


GERmanikure Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers: $69.95

2. Norchan Large Nail Clippers Set

If you’re considering turning your home into a makeshift nail salon, Norchan’s set has everything you need. Comprised of six separate implements, it includes one pair of fingernail clippers, a pair of toenail clippers, some nail scissors, a file, a nail cleaner and a storage bag in which to keep all of the tools. Of course, everything is appropriately sized for men and designed to tame even the toughest nails. The durable toenail clippers are made of high-density steel and feature razor-sharp curved blades. This means you can easily trim each nail along its natural shape. On top of that, the wide jaw opens to more than half an inch to allow you to get around ultra-thick nails.

Norchan Large Nail Clippers Set


Norchan Large Nail Clippers Set: $24.99

3. Kohm Easy Grip Toenail Clippers

When it comes to comfort, it’s difficult to beat Kohm’s toenail clippers. They feature a large, easy-to-grip rubber handle that’s a dream to maneuver. This makes them ideal for those with weak or elderly hands. Sporting sharp wide jaws that open to more than 1 inch, the clippers are curved in a way that contours effortlessly around nails for simple and quick cutting. What’s more, they feature sharp pointed tips that can be used to work on ingrown nails or gently remove cuticles. As with the rest of the models on this list, the clippers are forged from stainless steel which is both easy to clean and sanitize. You can simply douse the scissors with rubbing alcohol after use to disinfect.

Kohm Easy Grip Toenail Clippers


Kohm Easy Grip Toenail Clippers: $15.99

4. Fox Medical Equipment Podiatrist’s Toenail Clippers

These toenail clippers are made especially for podiatrists, so you know they’re going to be good. Produced by Fox Medical Equipment, each pair is hand-sharpened and has scalpel-like blades that can cut through super thick and tough nails. They’re also made from medical-grade stainless steel, which is not only resistant to rust and corrosion but also promises greater longevity. Featuring extra-long handles, the ergonomic clippers are nice and easy to grip and have a great amount of leverage. This makes them perfect for the elderly or people with disabilities. Furthermore, they come with a special plastic sheath that covers the sharp pointed tip when not in use to prevent any injuries.

Fox Medical Equipment Podiatrist's Toenail Clippers


Fox Medical Equipment Podiatrist's Toenail…: $16.95

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