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The Best Men’s Toners for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Four toners for guys who want to keep their skin healthy and fresh.

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It’s time to step up your skincare game. And having clear, blemish-free skin takes more than just moisturizer and face wash: You’ll also need a good toner.

Toner is a simple, often water-based formula that’s used to cleanse the skin of impurities. It can hydrate and balance out its pH levels, which is important, because when skin pH levels are out of balance, you’re more likely to breakout. A good toner will also unclog pores, making them less noticeable. If you already have a skincare routine in place, then you’ll want to use toner after you wash and cleanse your face, but before you moisturize. It may seem like a small, unnecessary extra step, but it can go a long way in making your skin smoother and healthier. Simply apply the toner directly to your face or blot some on a cotton swab and dab it on your skin.

One thing to be mindful of is toners that contain alcohol. Alcohol is too harsh to be applied directly to your skin, and can cause dehydration, so it’s best to avoid these entirely. Here, four of the best toners on Amazon that will help make your skin healthier than ever.

1. Brickell Men’s Balancing Toner

Brickell Men’s toner works for virtually all skin types. It’s ingredients are all natural and organic, so it’s easy on the skin, and it does just about everything you’d expect a toner to do: Witch hazel reduces inflammation and oil buildup, peppermint soothes the skin, aloe vera hydrates and cucumber minimizes the appearance of pores. One thing to note is that this toner is scented, which may not be to everyone’s preference.

Brickell Men's Balancing Toner


Brickell Men's Balancing Toner: $24.98

2. Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

When it comes to toners, less is more. There doesn’t need to be a long ingredients list for one to get the job done. Mario Badescu’s, for example, only has a few natural components, including glycolic acid, grapefruit and aloe vera. Altogether, it helps soften fine lines and smooth your skin—it even contains anti-aging ingredients. Its straightforward formula also means that it’s great for those with sensitive skin, as nothing in this toner is too harsh.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner


Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner: $18.00

3. Jack Black Oil Control Toner

If you want to whip your skin into shape and get rid of any blemishes stat, then Jack Black’s toner is your best bet. It’s a clay-based toner that contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which work to minimize pores. And they’re a great exfoliant as well, which means blackheads will be less of a worry. The toner also contains witch hazel, which helps minimize and unclog pores. Keep in mind that it’s not a toner for everyone, though: Because of its strong exfoliant properties, it will irritate sensitive skin.

Jack Black Oil Control Toner


Jack Black Oil Control Toner:

4. Paula’s Choice Pore-Reducing Toner

Pretty much all toners will minimize your pores to an extent—this one from Paula’s Choice includes a few ingredients that take it to the next level: Chiefly niacinimade, which will reduce enlarged pores and soothe points of inflammation. Other skincare benefits come from components like hyaluronic acid, which restores the skin’s moisture barrier and hydrates, and chamomile and burdock root extract, which contain antioxidants. The one downside is that this is the smallest bottle on the list, containing only 6.4 fluid ounces of product compared to the typical eight.

Paula's Choice Pore-Reducing Toner


Paula's Choice Pore-Reducing Toner: $23.00

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