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The Best Mezzaluna Knives for Herbs, Chopped Salads and More

A surprisingly versatile kitchen tool that makes daily meal prep that much easier.

Triangle Germany Mezzaluna Courtesy of Amazon

A mezzaluna may look like some sort of ancient weapon that Sinbad might wield, but it’s actually an extremely useful kitchen tool. The curved, two-handled blade has been helping chefs chop and slice since the 1700s when it was first invented in Italy, and now it’s become a staple in modern kitchens everywhere.

Mezzaluna means “half-moon” in Italian and is a nod to the blade’s unique semicircle shape. Typically fitted with two handles at either end, the bow-like blade is maneuvered back and forth in a rocking motion to cut through all manner of ingredient.

Mezzaluna may not deliver the most precise knifework—no julienned carrots here—but the blade serves several practical purposes, like shredding herbs, slicing pizza, mincing garlic and chopping salad. Also, once you master the rocking motion and get a bit of momentum, prep becomes far quicker and easier. In fact, it’s kind of fun.

If you’re ready to add a mezzaluna to your kitchen, here are four of the most impressive on Amazon.

1. Triangle Mezzaluna Knife

What’s better than one ultra-sharp blade? Two, of course. This 7-inch mezzaluna boasts an ingenious double-blade design that promises to drastically reduce prep time while delivering perfectly uniform cuts. Featuring the finest stainless steel from Germany, the blade is tough as nails and built to last a lifetime. The mezzaluna also has ergonomic, easy-to-grip handles to stop your hands from slipping about.

Triangle Mezzaluna

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

Triangle Mezzaluna Knife: $40.79

2. The Bold Bee’s Mezzaluna

Fashioned from a single piece of premium stainless steel, this sleek mezzaluna pairs classic Italian style with the very best American craftsmanship. The razor-sharp blade will slice through almost anything in your kitchen and it’s also resistant to rust and corrosion. The two rounded handles have been specifically designed so you can rock and roll safely and comfortably.

The Bold Bee's Mezzaluna

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

The Bold Bee's Mezzaluna: $35.00

3. Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna

Want a mezzaluna that doesn’t look like the rest? How about this model from Joseph Joseph. The brand’s tool comes with two bright green handles that help it stand out. Those handles do more than just attract attention; they also fold down to protect the blade when you’re not dicing greens or cutting pizza. In addition to protecting the sharpness of the blade, the fold-down handles also make it easier to store away.

Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna


Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna: $14.99

4. Wusthof Mezzaluna

This mezzaluna comes with a complimentary chopping board that is specifically designed for cutting herbs. The board has a concave, bowl-like shape to keep everything from mint to parsley in place while you slice away. The single plastic handle allows for one-handed chopping and greater agility overall. It’s also compression riveted to prevent any slippage. 

Wusthof Mezzaluna


Wusthof Mezzaluna: $70.00

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