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The Best Smartphone Mounts to Capture Your Best Performances

An essential piece of equipment for any performer.

Crescendo SlimClip Mic Stand Phone Holder Amazon

No matter if you’re a budding musician or a seasoned pro, a smartphone mount is a must-have in any kit. As its moniker implies, this nifty accessory mounts onto the mic stand and holds your smartphone in place while you are performing.

The mount’s hands-free functionality means you can clearly see lyrics or a certain chord progression on your device’s screen whenever a little prompt is needed. It also enables you to effortlessly tune your instrument via your favorite app or record yourself while you’re jamming. In short, it allows you to keep your hands where they should be—on your instrument and not your smartphone.

Most mounts clamp onto the mic stand and can be easily repositioned as needed. Some of the more sophisticated designs also have the ability to rotate your device a full 360 degrees to give you all the best angles.

As to be expected, there is an abundance of mounts on the market. We’ve curated four of the best designs available on Amazon to save you additional legwork.


1. Crescendo SlimClip Mic Stand Phone Holder

Crescendo did not take any chances when designing its mount. It features an extra-strong clamp that securely attaches to the microphone stand to ensure it stays in place no matter how hard you jam. Furthermore, it’s equipped with silicone bands that stretch over your smartphone to keep it extra secure. The mount expands to hold pretty much any device up to 3 7/8 inches wide. It also features a ball joint that enables 360-degree rotation. This means you can set your smartphone up landscape, portrait or anywhere in between.

Crescendo SlimClip Mic Stand Phone Holder


Crescendo SlimClip Mic Stand Phone Holder: $18.95

2. ChargerCity Mic Stand Smartphone Mount

If our top mount is characterized by its strength, ChargerCity’s design is distinguished by its maneuverability. It features a lever arm that can rotate 180 degrees while the section that holds your smartphone can swivel a full 360 degrees. This ensures your device is always in the perfect viewing position. The mount is compatible with all smartphones up to 3.4 inches wide and securely attaches to the upper post of the microphone stand. With this trusty companion, you’ll always be able to see the screen while performing.

ChargerCity Mic Stand Smartphone Mount


ChargerCity Mic Stand Smartphone Mount: $17.95

3. Grifiti Nootle Smartphone Mount

While it’s great to have your smartphone locked safely in place, it’s also nice to be able to remove it easily when needed. Grifiti’s mount features a quick release, so you won’t waste any time struggling to get your device once you’ve finished the gig. The mount is equipped with rubber-padded jaws that open up to 3.5 inches to securely grip pretty much any smartphone. It can connect to a wide range of stands, too. This set also includes a separate clamp that can hold your iPad should you need an even bigger screen.

Grifiti Nootle Smartphone Mount


Grifiti Nootle Smartphone Mount: $15.98

4. Mr. Power Universal Smartphone Holder

If you’re worried about a mount damaging your beloved smartphone, you should be. Some sub-par designs can. Not Mr. Power’s, though. It comes equipped with soft silicone padding that prevents your device from getting scratched or damaged. The universal design can (powerfully) hold on to all sorts of smartphones up to 3.5 inches. It can also rotate 360 degrees to ensure you can position the screen and see lyrics, music scores or whatever else you need. With bright orange accents, it’s certainly not the most subtle design on this list, but, hey, musicians were born to stand out.

Mr. Power Universal Smartphone Holder



Mr. Power Universal Smartphone Holder: $8.49

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