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The Best Milkshake Glasses for Turning Your Home Into an Old-Fashioned Diner

Four glasses for fans of the classic American beverage.

The Best Milkshake Glasses on Amazon Amazon

With the exception of apple pie, there’s no sweet treat as quintessentially American as the milkshake. It’s not hard to see why. The delightful mixture of milk and ice cream—plus whipped cream and a drizzle chocolate sauce—is a decadent with almost universal appeal. But to really complete the experience, you’re going to want to drink it out of a proper milkshake glass.

You can drink a milkshake from a pint glass, of course, but why not use something a little more fun? Diners and old-fashioned soda shops traditionally serve their shakes in taller, Y-shaped glasses that flare out as they grows taller, so there’s no reason you can’t do the same at home. You’ll want a vessel made from glass for your own stash (obviously), but not one that’s so delicate that it will break when run through the dishwasher. And if you want some added flair, then you might consider a milkshake glass with a decorative pattern etched into it.

If the idea of making milkshakes at home has you intrigued, or you’re tired of drinking yours from a plain old glass, then the time is right to invest in a milkshake glass or two. Here are four of the best available on Amazon.

1. Kate Spade Two Scoops Ice Cream Soda Glass Set

Milkshakes are meant to be lighthearted, nostalgic snacks, so you may as well have some fun with the glasses you drink them out of. Not everyone is a fan of printed on decals, but the design on Kate Spade’s pair is whimsical in all the right ways. Aside from that, each glass features a sleek overall design, is versatile enough for other sweet beverages and is dishwasher safe. Completing the already attractive package is a spoon for each glass.

Kate Spade Two Scoops Ice Cream Soda Glass Set


Kate Spade Two Scoops Ice Cream Soda Glass Set: $74.99

2. ChefCaptain Milkshake Glass Set

Part of the fun of drinking a milkshake is spooning out the remnants at the end. Of course, if you’re using a traditional milkshake glass, then your spoon might not be long enough. That’s not a problem with ChefCaptain’s set of four glasses, which includes an extra-long spoon to go with each vessel. And if that’s not enough, each piece is also durable, made from lead- and BPA-free glass, and has a wide foot and a simple ribbed design.

ChefCaptain Milkshake Glass Set


ChefCaptain Milkshake Glass Set: $21.99

3. Gibson Great Foundations Milkshake Glass Set

Gibson’s milkshake set looks like something from the set of Happy Days. Each of the four crystal-clear glasses features a subtle scalloped pattern along the rim that’s undeniably classic looking. Another nice touch is the extra-wide base, which ensures that the glass is hard to accidentally knock over. But if you do, no worries—it’s strong enough to survive a knock or two, plus some time in the dishwasher.

Gibson Great Foundations Milkshake Glass Set


Gibson Great Foundations Milkshake Glass Set:

4. Bormioli Rocco Dessert Glass Set

When you think of a milkshake glass, it probably looks like Bormioli Rocco’s vessel. Available in a set of six, each glass features a simple design that elegantly blends the traditional and modern. And while they certainly look plenty nice, each Italian-made glass can also hold 12.75 ounces of liquid, making them the perfect size. They’re also dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is a breeze.

Bormioli Rocco Dessert Glass Set

Bormioli Rocco Dessert Glass Set: $29.44

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