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The Best Mini Keyboards for the Ultimate Mobile Office

These ultra-compact keyboards can be conveniently stowed in a your work bag—or even in your pocket.

Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Amazon

If you’re used to working on the go, a traditional keyboard may be too big and cumbersome to use every day. That’s where mini keyboards come in. These ultra-compact companions work just like their full-sized counterparts but can be conveniently stowed in a bag or pocket, which can help you stay productive even if you’re not sitting at your desk.

Depending on the model, mini keyboards can connect to computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, TVs or even VR glasses to make your life easier. The devices typically connect via a USB dongle or via Bluetooth, which eliminates the need for excess wires.

When it comes to functionality, the keys are usually laid out in the same formation used on most keyboards to ensure you can type quickly and easily. In fact, a mini keyboard has pretty much everything you’d find in a full-sized model, but in a much smaller package.

Here, some of the best mini keyboards on Amazon to help you build a lightweight, convenient mobile office.

1. Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Fosmon’s mini keyboard has earned the top spot on this list because of its exceptional compatibility. It’s the only of the four keyboards featured here to offer Bluetooth connectivity. This means it can seamlessly connect to almost every modern device in your home, from game consoles, VR glasses and computers to smart TVs and smartphones. It spans 6.25 inches, which puts it in the middle of the pack in terms of size and ensures it’s plenty easy to carry around. It also has an angular silhouette that’s reminiscent of a game controller and feels good in the hand. In addition to standard QWERTY keys, the device features shortcut keys on the top row that allow you to easily adjust volume, screen brightness and more. This mini keyboard will give your full-sized model a run for its money.

Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard


Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard: $29.99

2. Ilebygo Mini Wireless Keyboard

Ilebygo’s pocket-sized mini keyboard is the smallest on our list and can be easily stored in your pocket or bag while you’re on the go. Thanks to its ultra-compact size, it will also put the least amount of strain on your fingers as you type. Instead of having actual keys, the device features a touchpad. This means the whole keyboard area can transform into a highly sensitive panel in which you can scroll, zoom and more. Think of it as a slightly bigger version of your Mac book’s trackpad. It also features LED backlights that can be set to three different levels so you can continue to type even in dark conditions.

Ilebygo Mini Wireless Keyboard


Ilebygo Mini Wireless Keyboard: $19.99

3. Samsers Foldable Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

This ultra-compact folding keyboard is an excellent choice for those who travel frequently or have limited space in their briefcases. The multipurpose keyboard also doubles as a phone stand is compatible with iOs, so it’s also great for taking calls when you’re on the go. The long-lasting battery is also capable of powering the device for an entire business trip or weekend with just one charging session.

Samsers Foldable Mini Keyboard


Samsers Foldable Mini Bluetooth Keyboard: $29.99

4. Macally Mini Wireless Keyboard

If you don’t want to depart too drastically from a traditional keyboard in terms of style, Macally makes the mini keyboard for you. It resembles the classic models we’re all used to but takes up two-thirds of the space. It’s ultra-thin and light enough to travel with yet still offers incredible functionality. In addition to the standard QWERTY keys, it has 12 special hotkeys for one-touch control of applications and greater productivity. The low-profile design, meanwhile, allows you to type comfortably and easily. This mini keyboard also has a long battery life and can last up to 10 million keystrokes.

Macally Mini Wireless Keyboard


Macally Mini Wireless Keyboard: $22.99

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